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Q: Is it a foul in basketball to throw the ball over you opponent then catch it on the other side?
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What is the penalty for a violation in basketball?

the opponent has two free throw shots and has a chance to score twice

What is a dead ball rebound in basketball?

after a free throw (which is a dead ball situation) if they miss the basket and you catch 'the rebound'

When does a foul occur during basketball?

If a person goes against any kind of rule's is considered to be a foul and the opponent wins possession or free throw.

How do you do a Chokeslam?

A chokeslam is a professional wrestling move. In this, the person executing the move will catch the throat of his opponent with one hand and use the other to balance his weight. Then he would lift his opponent in the air and throw them down on the mat. This move is used by Kane, Undertaker etc as their finishing move.

What is a throw in in basketball?

A throw in is when a turnover occurs or the opposing team scores a basket, and the other team inbounds the ball

How do you catch a shell being thrown at you in mario kart wii?

I mean when I play online I throw shells at other people but then they catch the shells and throw them back. How do they do that?

Does the weight of the basketball affect free throws?

yes, the weight of a basketball does affect free throws because while shooting a free throw you have a routine for every opportunity of shooting a free throw and if have a basketball that has different weight then your other basketball then you will end up short or long.

Can a basketball player throw the basketball up in the air before free throw shooting?


What is a basketball shot?

A shot in basketball is an attempt to throw the basketball into the hoop.

What is a field throw in basketball?

A field goal in basketball is a three-point shot...I do not belive there is a field throw.

What is Giratina's catch rate?

A catch rate of 6 and unlike other Pokemon it gets stronger the more you throw a ball at it

What is the penalty if the goalkeeper handles the ball from a throw in in his penalty area?

The goalkeeper is permitted to handle a ball received directly from an opponent's throw-in. If the throw is from a teammate (or himself), an indirect free kick will be awarded to the other team.

Can the goalkeeper touch the ball with his hands from a throw-in?

Only if the throw-in was taken by an opponent.

Do players need more energy to throw or pass a basketball?

The players do not need energy to throw or pass a basketball

What is a free throw line in basketball?

A free throw line in basketball is the line where the players who are fouled get to shoot the ball.

What is the penalty for double dribble in basketball?

the other team gets the ball or there is a technical or a free throw

What happens when a player in basketball travels?

If a player in Basketball travels, the umpire calls travel and its a turn over to the other team, meaning the other team gets the ball and they throw it in from the side line.

What does a boxer sometimes do with one hand before throwing a punch with the other?

Most of the time boxer block their face so they could throw punches with their other hand but can also be use as a counter as soon the opponent throw a punch you can block with you're elbow or deflect it away then you can throw a punch.

A throw that is worth 1 point in basketball is?

A free throw.

What happens after you double dribble?

If you double dribble in basketball , the other team gets the ball on the side and has to throw it in .

What is shooting a basketball?

To score a goal (a "basket") in the game of basketball, the basketball must pass through the hoop of the opponent's goal. When a person is attempting to throw the ball so it will pass through the hoop and score a goal or basket, it is called taking a shot or shooting the basketball. This may seem strange because "shooting" is usually an action word associated with firearms, but the terminology is the same.

Can you throw exception from catch block?

100% yes but it is not a suggested practice. The purpose of a catch block in java code is to handle exceptions. If you want to throw exceptions, then there is no point in writing the try-catch block. We could throw the exception at the point where it occurs instead of writing the try - catch block to catch it and throw it again.

What can you catch but can not throw?

A cold or other type of virus or bacterial infection.

Can you run the baseline in a spot throw in basketball?

In American college ball and the NBA, you may run the baseline after a made shot or free throw. If the throw in is due to something other than a made shot or free throw, you may not run the baseline when attempting to throw the ball in.

How do you say I like to throw and catch a football?

I say it this way: "I like to throw and catch a football."