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No. It's just simply a hand off or a pass.

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Q: Is it a foul if an offensive player in basketball hands the ball to another offensive player?
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Can you stop a offense player with your hands in a basketball game?

It really depends on the situation and the ref, but in the rules a defensive player cannot make contact with an offensive player.

In basketball can a player knock the ball from another players hands?

Yes it's called a steal.

Is it a technical foul if defensive players touches the basketball while inn the hands of the offensive player?

uhm no!!!!!!!! its called playing basketball! that's what your suppose to do. as long as they don't hit the person while trying to get the basketball then its not even a foul

Why did the basketball player need long arms?

answer to the riddle why did the basketball player need long arms: to reach his hands

Am I allowed to knock the ball out of another player's hands while playing basketball?

Yes That IS Called stealing the ball out of somebody's hand

What call is made if a basketball player dribbles with two hands?

Double Dribble.

What is holding foul in basketball?

When you hold the player with your arms/hands to prevent him from moving.

Who was the first basketball player to ever clap his hands using chalk?

LeBron James

How long can a basketball player keep the ball in their hands?

He can keep it for 3-5 seconds.

What would the basketball say to the basketball player?

Don't dribble on me?

Are you allowed to hit the ball out of someones hands in basketball?

Yes, as long as you do not make contact with the player themselves.

Is soccer similar to Basketball?

No because soccer yo can't use your hands and in basketball you have to use your hands.

Is lebron better than Kobe-?

Hands down, Lebron is a much better basketball player than Kobe.

Is LeBron better than Kobe?

Hands down, Lebron is a much better Basketball player than Kobe.

How do you catch a basketball?

You catch it with your hands.

Can a defensive player use his hands to grab hold of the offensive player and throw him down and not be called for holding?

Only if the officials don't see it!

When can an offensive player move during a free throw?

All players can move once the ball is out of the shooters hands.

What are the social benefits of playing basketball?

The social benefits are: • NO TOLERENCE • if you put your hands physically on a player, you will be disqualified • BE A GOOD SPORT

Is michael jordan the greatest basketball player ever?

no he is not kobe bryant is best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be hands down.

It is a 6th grade Illinois basketball game and the offensive player has a break away and before he gets to the basket the defensive player reaches out from behind so what is the call?

It would depend on if he got the ball or if he got the arm, hands part of the ball so if he/she hits the ball handlers hand, then it is not a foul.

In basketball is a player allowed to dribble with 2 hands at the same time?

no. if both hands touch the ball at the same time, it cannot be dribbled again. it is called double dribbling.

What is faster at quickest hands a rock n roll drummer or a NBA dribbler?

Though somewhat subjective, a drummer would have quicker hands than an NBA basketball player.

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