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Q: Is it OK to lift weights everyday then take Saturday and Sunday off?
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Is it okay to lift weights everyday?

It's okay to lift everyday but you must give your body at least a day of rest from the training.

How long should you lift weights everyday?

You should take a couple days off in between your training. The day you do not lift weights go swimming or do some cardio to keep your consistency and routine going. The reason you should not lift weights everyday is because muscle needs to rest in order to be built. You may not feel tired but your muscles need a day where you don't work them. Lift weights Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and do more cardio on tues, thurs, sat. Or if you NEED to lift weights everyday focus on a different area each day. Work your arms one day only, then the next day your legs only etc etc. Get plenty of sleep and eat well.

Is lifting weights everyday healthy?

It's not recommended to lift weights daily especially if you lift heavy to increase your size as your body needs time to rest so your muscles can re-coup.

Is it good for kids to lift weights for a everyday thing?

Yes, Because they can grow up yo be strong

What bird can lift the heviest weights?

Birds do not lift weights.

Run before lift weights or lift weights before run?

Run first so your warmed up. Then lift weights

Should you drink your Protein Shake before or after you Lift Weights?

after you lift weights

How do i gain muscle without using any products?

Lift weights :-) Lift weights :-)

How many times are you supposed to lift weights?

You smell your butt 1,000 times to lift weights

You are strong eleven year old gymnast should you lift wheights and if so how much?

if you do lift weights,be sure not to lift to heavy 11 and i lift weights ,and do push ups,and chin ups.

Should you weight lift everyday?

Its best to switch things up. Lift weights one day and then do some abb's and core. Weights are good to do every other day not every day! Its best to switch things up. let me know if you have any other questions.

Is it ok to lift weights in the morning?

Yes, in fact, lifting weights in the morning is the best time to lift weights since your body will have more energy.

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