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only if the offensive player is in the act of shooting when fouled, or if the defensive team is over the foul limit when they foul the offensive player.

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Q: Is in every basketball foul under the basket a free throw?
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What is the ring on the floor under the basket in basketball?

10 foot

What does a post do in basketball?

a post player plays under or near the basket

What is an easy basketball play?

Stack. It's an offensive play used under the basket.

What is the lane in basketball?

The colored area under the free throw line.

How basketball devoloped?

It was created by James Naismith who was a phys-ed teacher. He needed to create a new game and it involved kids throwing a ball into a basket. Later, they cut a hole under the basket so that they don't have to climb up to get the basketball.

In basketball Can a shot go through the bottom of cylinder and back through?

Umm no you can't shoot from under the basket

What is the aau basketball goal height for 12u?

The height of the basket is always ten feet unless you are in second grade or under.

How far is the free throw line from the basket in boys 12-13 yr league?

100,000 leagues under the sea

What does boards mean in basketbaall?

The boards in Basketball means the rebounds people get. Especially the forwards (or bigs) getting the rebound right under the basket.

What are the positons in basketball?

point guard- the person who dribbles down the court 2 shooting guards- specialize in driving to the basket and 3 point shooting 2 posts- stand under the basket and rebound

How important is center in basketball game?

Center is very important on any basketball team. Center is usually relied upon to get offense and defensive rebounds, while also getting open under the basket for an easy two points.

What is a lane or key violation in basketball?

A lane violation is when a player tries to get a rebound before the ball gets to touch the rim during a free throw (high school rules). A key violation or "3 in the key" is when a player (offensive player or defensive player) is under the basket (known as the "paint") for more than 3 seconds.

Why is there a 3 second rule in basketball?

Before the 3 second rule, big centers (like Wilt Chamberlain) would just wait under the basket, get the rebound, or the ball from a teammate and make an easy basket...this is how he scored 100 points one night.

What is the boundary line under the basket called?

The boundary line under the basket is known as the baseline.

What is the meaning of 'points in the paint' in basketball?

There is a rectangle under the basket on the court. That area is considered the paint, and obviously any points scored in that area would be considered 'points in the paint.'

Is it legal to throw the basketball overhand at the rim during a free throw in HS?

Actually yes you can you can even shoot from under you two legs called the arinola shot in i suggest not not doing this better do the original shot the shot and remember dont step on the free throw line

What happens if a player shoots the ball under the basket but it goes in the basket threw the net?

To count, it would have to clear the basket and come back through the basket.

Does pro basketball require education?

nba basketball can accept freshmans out of college under contract of good grades at a certain gpa and every year a certain grade on IQ testing

What is the rectangular area under the basket called?

The paint.

How do you make bird trap?

Take a laundry basket and prop it up with a stick. Tie a string to the stick. Put birdseed of any kind under the basket. Pull the string when the bird goes under the basket. Hope this helps.

Does clock stop after basket in basketball until put into play after scoring basket?

Depends on the league. For the NBA, a successful field goal under two minutes to play in each quarter is technically a dead ball therefore the clock stops. For the NCAA a successful field goal under one minute to play in the second half stops the clock. In high school a field goal under one minute of play in the second and fourth quarter stops the clock.

What counts as a missed shot in basketball?

First, if you actually had to look this up you either have an IQ lower than Forrest Gump, or you are under 3 years of age. A missed shot in Basketball is a shot that did not go into the basket, or for you people that had to look this question up, the circular round thing in the middle of the bottom of the square that are on each end of the court.

How does a basketball under high pressure compare to a basketball under low pressure?

There are more particles of gas.

How does a basketball under high pressure compared to a basketball under low pressure?

There are more particles of gas.

What is the line under the basketball hoop in pro basketball?

baseline ;)