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yes he is going over to Germany i believe to be closer to family

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Q: Is ian joy leaving real salt lake soccer club?
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What is real Madrid?

A Soccer Club

Which club is the richest soccer club in Europe?

Real Madrid.

What are the stats for the Real Salt Lake soccer team?

The Real Salt Lake Soccer team was founded in the year of 2004. Current up-to-date stats for the Real Salt Lake Soccer team is total points being 222 and the Top Soccer player is Robbie Findley with 29 goals.

What is the richist soccer club?

Real Madrid

Who owns Real Salt Lake Soccer team?

SCP Worldwide, Dave Checketts, and Dell Loy Hansen are the owner's of the Real salt lake soccer team.

Who are the best soccer club ever?

Real Madrid or Barcelona

Who is the richest soccer club in the Champions League?

Real Madrid

Which soccer club is better Real or Storm?

I think they are equal in playing the game of soccer but when it comes to coaches real may be better in that but i still dont know which club yo choose

What is Margaret Thatcher's favorite soccer club?

Liverpool & Real Madrid

What team makes the most money in club soccer?

Real Madrid.

How many soccer teams in Utah?

There are many soccer teams that are local leagues, but there is one professional soccer team, Real Salt Lake.

What does RMAD stand for in soccer?

RMAD is a common shorthand for the "Real Madrid" club (Real MADrid).