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Yes overall Honda engines are more advanced and there is a lot more more that are put into them. Honda bikes are faster and are built to last longer.

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Q: Is hondas dirt bikes engines bigger than yamhas dirt bike engines?
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What kind of motors are used in bike?

There are electric bikes(which usually legally are considered bicycles) and there are bikes with combustion engines.(which usually are seen as either scooters/mopeds or motorcycles by the law.) For the combustion engines you can have either 2-stroke engines(which usually are fairly small) or 4-stroke engines. You can have one cylinder, or several. Then there are a few custom builds with turbine engines and the occasional drag/showbike with jet, or rocket engines. Most bikes run on gasoline, but there are Diesel bikes too.

What is the difference between the different Aprilia RS models?

The model numbers refer to the size of the engine. The RS 50 has a 50 cc engine, the 125 a 125 cc engine. Bigger engines mean bigger bikes.

Why are diesel engines not used in bikes?

Size, weight, drivability.

How are bikes made?

Basically the same as road bikes, but with thicker tubes and bigger welds.

How are mountain bikes made?

Basically the same as road bikes, but with thicker tubes and bigger welds.

More cc means what?

If you are talking about small engines like motorcycles,snowmobiles,dirt bikes ect. cc would be cubic centimeters.CC is how the size of the engine is measured.More CC is a bigger engine.

Why bikes can not be made using diesel engines?

yes definitely it can be made using diesel engines, but it will be so heavy that it cannot be handled by an individual

Can road bikes have powerband?

Power band just refers to the range of RPM where the engine has most torque. All engines have one. Sometimes they're wider and not that important, sometimes they're narrower and makes a bigger difference.

How has bikes changed over the years?

i would say faster bikes, and daredevils with bigger jumps, and kids starting at young ages

What vehicles use four cycle engines?

All automobiles use 4 cycle engines. 2 cycles are for small moterized bikes or lawn mowers

What are examples of the various types of motorcycle?

The different types of motorcycles are numerous, starting from small single cylinder trail bikes onto larger road riding six cylinder bikes. These start [also two-stroke engines as well as four-stroke engines] as small sized commuter bikes onto street bikes, with bigger cc's, onto bigger sized bikes [meaning bigger physically - as well as in cc's]. There are a number of grades of each step upwards towards the biggest, been the Triumph Rocket a three cylinder four-stroke with a 2.3 liter motor. The Honda is another commercially-made motorcycle that is big in body as in cc's, a six cylinder four-stroke with lots of gadgets on it [including full body fairing]. Then there is the ordinary bikes of four, three, two and one cylinder engines. Here they vary between street, dirt, trail and sports bikes as well as divide into duel purpose machinery. Some are super-sports, duel road and trail, with modern motar trail road. There is a variety of models in similar cc's with fairing and the naked versions. There are many different Harley Davidson models, but all are road bikes V-twins 2 cylinder four-strokes. These are your type of cruiser machines. There are many other look-alikes in these categories [in different sizes and cc's] of different makes.

What is the best bike brand?

Harley Davicdon is the most popular, but Hondas are very good for using it on the public streets(they are very durable). Fit bikes are the best. However, they may be very expensive