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No, a hit by pitched ball is not an official at bat, just like a base on balls is not an official at bat. Yes. It will not show up underneath the AB statistic for a player but it does count towards the number of at bats needed to win a batting title. Actually, number of at bats is not the term used to determined a batting title. The term is actually "plate appearances" and includes official "at bats", walks, hit by pitched ball, catcher interference, sacrifices, sacrifice flys, which do not count as "at bats". Official "at bats" are recorded for a hitter who gets a base hit, reaches on an error, strikes out, or hits into an out. Batting averages are determined by dividing hits by official at bats, so, a hit by pitched ball does not count toward one's batting average as it is not an "at bat", but is a "plate appearance".

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Q: Is hit by pitch considered an at bat?
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Is it considered an at bat if the batter is hit by the pitch?


If a batter is hit by a pitch does he have to walk or can he continue to bat if he chooses to?

He is hit by the pitch, and is walked.

Does HBP count as a hit?

No, a hit by pitch does not count as a hit nor as a time at bat. There is a special statistic kept for hit by pitch.

Is a sacrifice a time at bat?

Any type of sacrifice, walk, or hit by pitch does not count as an at bat.

Can you hit right handed for one pitch and then left handed for next pitch?

No, you can at your next at-bat.

Is hit by pitch an official at bat?'s the same as a Base on Balls.

Difference between baseball at bat rather than Official at bat?

There are 'at bats' and 'plate appearances'. A plate appearance is considered an official at bat. At bats are used in determining a player's batting average. Bases on balls, sacrifices, hit by pitch, sacrifice flies, and catcher's interference do not count as an at bat but they do count as a plate appearance. This is because, if an at bat were credited for a base on balls, hit by pitch, etc., the player's batting average would go down each time they drew a walk or got hit by a pitch and this, obviously, would be unfair.

Is an error considered an at bat?

Yes. If there is an error on a hit ball, the at bat counts against the batter as if it was an out.

Is sac fly an at bat?

A sac fly does not count as an at bat. same with a sac bunt, hit by pitch and a walk

If a batter holds the bat over the plate and does not swing or move the bat when pitch is thrown is it a strike?

That is considered a strike.

Is the batter considered Hit by a pitch that has hit the ground first?


If a batter is hit by a pitch and he did not try to avoid getting hit what is the call?

it is scored a ball and the at bat continues

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