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yes griffin high school is a great school and its way better than any other school

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Q: Is griffin high school better then spalding?
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When was Spalding High School - UK - created?

Spalding High School - UK - was created in 1920.

When was Spalding Catholic High School created?

Spalding Catholic High School was created in 1962.

When was Archbishop Spalding High School created?

Archbishop Spalding High School was created in 1966.

What is the motto of Spalding High School UK?

Spalding High School - UK -'s motto is 'Lampada Vitae Tradimus'.

What is Spalding High School UK 's motto?

The motto of Spalding High School - UK - is 'Hand on the Lamp of Life'.

Is archbishop spalding high school a private school?


When was Cardinal Griffin Catholic High School created?

Cardinal Griffin Catholic High School was created in 1960.

When was Sacred Heart-Griffin High School created?

Sacred Heart-Griffin High School was created in 1988.

What is Cardinal Griffin Catholic High School's motto?

The motto of Cardinal Griffin Catholic High School is 'Da Mihi Animas'.

What is the motto of Sacred Heart-Griffin High School?

The motto of Sacred Heart-Griffin High School is 'Academic Excellence in a Community of Faith'.

What is the school Mascot at Ernest Manning high school?


What High School not College did Blake Griffin go to?

oklahoma christian high school

What was the name of the High School that Tyson Griffin went to?

Tyson Griffon Union High School

What is the name of Peter Griffin's high school?

James Woods High.

Is 400 hall at griffin high school haunted?


Did Blake Griffin homeschool?

Yes, until High School

Was the UFC fighter forest griffin a teacher?

forest griffin was a high school math teacher, rich Franklin was to

What is Chris Griffin's occupation?

Chris Griffin is a/an High school student , Former paperboy , Former Supervisor of Quahog Mini-Mart

Which school is better Rocklin high school or Whitney high school?

Rocklin High School. They have better test scores than Whitney.

Which high school is better wise high school or flowers high school?

Wise High School is better than flowers overall in everything, better academics, better athletics, best shoe game, and best females

What sort of school is Cardinal Griffin?

Cardinal Griffin is a Catholic high school located in Cannock Staffordshire, England. It is a mixed gender school established in the year 1960. The school is separated into 6 houses.

What high school is better Mohave high school Falcon high school?

walnut high school

Where do Meg and Chris Griffin go to high school?

James Woods High

Which is a better school wavery high school or everett high school?

Waverly High School

What school does Meg Griffin go to James Wood High School?

Yep, Meg goes to James Woods High School as well as her brother Chris.