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yes ,it is real.

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Q: Is grass in olympic soccer field natural?
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What is a soccer field made of?


What does a soccer field taste like?


What type of grass does lambeu field have?

Its has natural grass

What is the difference between soccer and an indoor soccer?

indoor soccer has different soccer cleats and a different kind of ball and has walls around the field and has assfolt and outdoor soccer has a different size ball and kind of ball and has no walls and had natural grass,

What is a soccer field?

its a huge chunk of grass you run on and you play a terrific game of soccer

Is the Qualcomm stadium field turf or grass?

The Stadium has natural grass.

What does soil provide for the grass on a soccer field?

It provides the grass with nutrients and let's the grass anchor itself to the ground.

Is fed ex field turf or grass?

Fed Ex field is and has always been, natural grass.

Field court of soccer?

Soccer is played on a grass or turf field (or "pitch"), and not on a court. There are some variations of the game, such as futsal or indoor 5-a-side that are played on courts, but these are not proper soccer.

Is the field at Gillette Stadium natural grass or turf?

its turf

How many blades of grass are on a soccer field?

the dimensions for the soccer field were width= 64m length=100m and the thickness of one grass blade is 1 milimeter since 1m is equal to 1000 milimeter so you multiply 64000 x 100000=6,400,000,000 and is the answer fo these dimensions using this method you can find any amount of blades of grass in a soccer field.

Does the Transamerica Field at the Irwin Belk Center natural grass?


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