Is good flip destroy deck

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Q: Is good flip destroy deck
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Why is it good if a skateboard has good pop?

the better the pop on a skateboard deck, the higher you will go when you ollie, kickflip or do any flip trick :)

What are good Tech Deck moves?

pop shove it might be a good one to learn first then the ollie and then maybe a kick flip

What is the hardest Tech Deck trick?

360 kick flip laser flip back flip air walk double tri flip kick flip

Can 7.75 skateboard trucks fit on a 8.0 skateboard deck?

A: You Could but You couldn't primo flip and stuffA: Not a good idea. Your trucks should be the same width as your deck.

Can you destroy an elephant in halo?

NO, but it is possible to flip one

Does a 270 flip count as a tre flip?

no. because if you were moving at highspeeds you would fall and the other name for it is a 360 flip. meaning you should 360 flip the deck

How do you laser flip on a Tech Deck?

lol dont know

Are Flip skateboards any good?

ITS GOING TO BE MY BIRTH DAY OCTOBER 24 I tryed a flip it was very good and that's the skateboard deck im getting.Never get world industries i got one but its squeaquy.I tryed jarts skateboard but is a euoepian skatebrand its good

What is a subsitute for Metamorphosis in Yu Gi Oh?

Summoner of Illusions is a good subsitute. This is how it works. FLIp: Tribute 1 other monster, and if you do, Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck. Destroy that Fusion Monster at the End Phase of this turn. I hope this helps.

How do you kick flip on a Tech Deck?

To do a kick flip you need to learn the Ollie first. Try doing an Ollie, when the tech deck in the air slide your finger to the direction you want to go.If you still can't do a kick flip.Heres a link to a really good video to learn a kick flip.

What store can you buy a flip SK8 flip skateboard?

any good skate shop. get a rob dyrdek deck much better than element and sheckler. and every thing else

How do you do a kiwi flip?

How to do a Kiwi flip ! First put your foot on the side of your deck and your back foot on the tail so you have the set up of a kickflip exept flick it the opposite way with a 180 variel and the deck will create a kiwi flip Ples rp

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