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Q: Is futsal a faster sport than ice hockey?
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Is Hockey Better than Basketball?

Hockey is way better than basketball. In hockey you are allowed to hit (check) people. The game moves faster and is more exciting to watch!

What other sport does Justin Bieber do other than sing?

basketball and hockey

Is a cheetah faster than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport?


What car is faster than a bugatti veyron super sport?


What sport has the most fans?

The sport that has the most fans is without a doubt, hockey. hockey is the most widely played sport in the world. Just about every country has a hockey team, and other than the U.S., most countries take hockey very seriously. Countries like Brazil, Italy, and Germany are huge hockey fanatics and have thousands and thousands of fans watching.

What sport has more than 15 players on the pitch at one time?

hockey and football.

Soccer is better then hockey?

Hockey is a brutal sport, but all sports are in some way. But there is no fact on what is better than what. It's just your opinion.

Do people like soccer more than field hockey?

i heard that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and field hockey the second,

Is soccer a faster sport than rugby?

Both sports are very fast. It is a toss up as to which is faster.

Does a hockey puck travel faster on ice than in your driveway?

ice, because that it what they are designed for.

Why is ringette better than hockey?

you pass more and its a faster and more interesting game

Why in India cricket is more glamorized sport then its national game hockey?

Cricket in India is more popular than Hockey, because, Indian have always been better at cricket than their national sport, Hockey. Since India was once the best in the world at cricket, the Indians gave up their encouragement towards India for Hockey. Cricket is currently India's No. 1 sport! India was once the best at hockey, but, after years when cricket was discovered in India, Hockey was almost forgotten! But India is still known for Hockey and is great at it as well as cricket!

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