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in my opinion yes. I have a forgotten victim 2010, (the purple one). My only problem i had with it that was major was that I just realized that the little stud on the crank arm that goes into the sprocket is broken, i mean the weld just broke and its practically hanging out and i haven't even had a chance to test the bike on a good set of dirt jumps or a skate park, I wouldn't go by that though. This was yesterday (8th of feb 2011), i got the bike 9 months ago (may 12 2010). The only other problem I have had is that since i bout the bike the rear wheel was of center and kinda wobbly but only a bit, again i wouldn't say that means all forgotten's will have that "defect". Forgotten bikes are good for supplying cheaper (and lighter) bikes with good stats (sealed in bearings, cromoly stuff ect) for younger riders. If you have more money then you could get a better bike such as a colony, WTP ect not kink though a lot of people i know say they're really bad (including me). In other words if you want a good cheaper starting bike with respectable stats forgotten wont let you down, haro might, and haro's are heavy and REALY ugly looking.

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Q: Is forgotten bikes better than haro bikes?
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