Is football great

Updated: 8/8/2021
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Q: Is football great
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What is European Professional Football Leagues's motto?

European Professional Football Leagues's motto is 'Great Football makes Great Things'.

What is gridion football?

gridiron football is like really great really tough and exciting football.

What is the job outlook for football player?

It can be great if you love and know the game of football.

What is the job outlook for a football player?

An NFL player will transition to life after football in one of five ways with the only guarantee being chronic pain now, tomorrow and into old age--and more than you think dementia. 1) Have a very brief low paying career, followed by several attempts to catch on with another team. This person if properly prepared will transition into some type of career or profession. 2) Have a 3-5 year career, (with low or no draft status) with several teams, barely qualifying for a paltry NFL pension. His career will be marked by moderate injuries or a severe career ending injury. This player still can transition to a "regular job" but may experience some difficulty "when the bright lights of NFL association" are gone. And yes the pain! Which never leaves! 3) Have a 3-9 year career after a high draft status or over achiever as a free agent. This player will never reach all of his potential and be somewhat disappointed in his over all success. He will have numerous injuries, some have legal problems, broken marriages, etc. This type of player can have trouble transitioning to a regular job when the NFL lights go out, he has tasted the money but not enough to be set for life. This type ends up broke more often than not, he is proud and usually very aggressive. Suicides are found in this cohort group more than the others. These tend to drift for the rest of their life. Most get their pensions but it is so small it makes no difference as well as NFL disability. 4) Have a 7-12 year great career, regardless of draft status, they tend to be more sedate and in control. They do not live above their means and are generally stable. These men tend to develop a business or skill outside of football, some go into coaching out of love-of-the-game. They do not go broke, some like Brad Culpepper or Mark Schlereth lose weight and really focus on health and protecting their "health future." These men are to be admired the most in my opinion, they are the regular guy, journeyman who benefit from the NFL experience and are not solely identified as the NFL guy! These men do the best health and pain wise in the future all offensive and defensive lineman take note! Lose weight when you quit, like 80-100 lbs! 5) Are the superstars with mostly high draft status. These men play 7-14 years at a high level with all the accompanying rewards and risks. They operate on a razor's edge in most aspects of their life. Chronic injuries and high pain threshold on these type a+ men virtually guarantee a miserable health existance after football. These men lead a high income lifestyle and more often than not lose all their money in the future. Quarterbacks and offensive lineman are the exception to the financial debacles. The high roller lifestyle fits these men quite well, they never quite capture anything close to the nfl in their life. They can have legal, mental and financial problems in droves! I would not want to be these men when the lights go out.

How many football fields long is the great pyramid?

3 football fields

What is Indoor Professional Football League's motto?

Indoor Professional Football League's motto is 'Great Football, No Gimmicks.'.

What are the regulations in football?

Your great aunt Susanne.

What is USC famous for?

There great Football Team

What pets does Henry have?

Great football question..

What is One Football News?

One Football News is one of the emerging football news website with great prospects and is the web destination of choice for all football lovers.