Is everton going to win

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Q: Is everton going to win
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Is Everton going to win the FA cup?

yes definetly! They will win 2-1 against tottingham hotspur!coyb!:D

Can Everton FC win the league?


When did everton win champions league?

they havent

What honours did Gary lineker win at everton?

Everton won nothing with Gary Lineker in the side, he did win the Golden Boot that year though.

What is everton's biggest win?

Everton 7-1 Sunderland in the premier league 2008-2009

Will everton win the league?

U CAN DO IT EVERTON! (sorry about that talking to myself) Well Everton could win the league in 2015. But if they did the will be legends because they had loans. (Dolafu, lukaku) dont know rest and i think i spelt the names wrong. They could still win with Ross Barkley Support Everton NOT LIVERPOOL

Did arsenal win or everton win in a football match?

Actually, most people would think Arsenal but Everton did. Also i am a big big Everton fan myself (I live in Liverpool, hate liverpool) LOL.

When did Everton last win a league title?


In football who win Chelsea or everton?

Defintly Chelsea

Is everton going to win champions league?

Anything can happen in football ofcourse but Everton have no chance of winning Champions League in the near future because they haven't qualified this year. And even if they do qualify there is a LOT of competition in the CL.

Who did Everton beat to win the 1995 FA Cup Final?

Everton defeated Manchester United 1-0 to win their fifth FA Cup thanks to a 30th minute Paul Rideout goal.It's Everton's most recent trophy.

What year did everton win the cup winners cup?


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