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No she is not dating him! It is storyline, in real life John is married and Eve has a boyfriend and no it is not Zach

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Q: Is eve Torres dating john luarnities?
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Is John Cena is going out with eve?

No, please note WWE is written by writers. John Cena currently has a wife. So really he is NOT dating Eve Torres.

When did john cena and eve Torres started going out?

They are NOT dating, it is in the Storyline ONLY. John Cena is very happily married!!! Eve has a boyfriend in real life.

Does eve Torres have a boyfriend?

Eve my be dating R-truth

Do eve torres and john cena go out in this year?

Is john cena and Eve torres go out

Is eve Torres dating r truth or chris masters?

eve is dating with chris masters.

Who is Rener Gracie dating?

Eve Torres

Is Justin Gabriel dating Eve Torres?


Who is dating the miz?

the miz is dating eve torres

Is eve Torres dating r truth?

no, she is dating chris masters

Is Zack Ryder married?

No he is dating eve torres

Are eve Torres and Zack ryder dating?

eve does love zack they shood be together to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Eve Torres dating anyone?

yes, she is dating with chris masters (wwe)