Is essendon the best AFL team?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Is essendon the best AFL team?
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What is Essendon?

Essendon is an AFL football team in Australia.

Is collingwood the best team in afl?

No way! Essendon and Hawthorn are beter.

What is the nickname for AFL team Essendon?


Is st kilda the best afl team ever?

no ... The most successful AFL teams are Essendon and Carlton, each with 16 Premierships

What afl team was told they used drugs?

Essendon Bombers

Is essendon the best footyteam in the AFL?

its hard to say who is the best team. teams like essendon, western bulldogs are great at running and are fit, sydney is BY FAR the best tacklers, but id say the best team is probably Geelong at the moment. it also depends if they have injured players

Who are the olderst team in afl?

Melbourne and Geelong with Essendon, Collingwood and Carlton coming in Next

Which team in AFL will win Friday night's match in round 14 of the Essendon and Collingwood match?

i think essendon will defeat collingwood by 10 points

What afl team does Cody Simon go for?

He said in an interview that he goes for Essendon! He supports them passionately!

What is the best footy team song in the afl?

the moment in the A.F.L times the Melbourne demons song is winning with the best theme song and 2nd is Richmond and 3rd is essendon The Western Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which AFL team has one the most grand finals?

Collingwood has made the most Grand finals, but has lost more than its fair share. The others are: Carlton Essendon Hawthorn

Which AFL team is better esendon or carlton?

Same premiership total (16) but more grand final apperances for Essendon.