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No, education is not divided by race in Canada. It is absolutely fair.

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Q: Is education divided by race in Canada?
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Do boys in Canada go to school?

Of course! Canada is very much like the United States and offers education for all people of any race, gender, and age.

Is Canada a divided country?

Canada is divided in many ways. For starters Canada is a Confederation of many Nations, each with many cultures and histories. Our histories are so different that some historical figures are hero's in some cultures and villains in others. Our representation in our Federal government varies by region and province creating further divides. Some ares of Canada contribute much more to Confederation than others, creating further divides. We are divided on our vision of the future, where Canada should be headed, and thanks to Canada holding on to ancient race based treaties we are also divide by race. Yes, Canada is very much a divided country but we are making it work, for now.

Canada is divided into ten what?

Canada is divided into ten provinces.

What education is needed to race motocross?

you do not honisty need any education to race motorcross

How many countries is Canada divided into?

Canada is not divided into countries. Canada is a country that is divided into ten provinces and three territories.

What beside provinces is Canada divided into?

Canada is divided in to provinces and territories!

What is Canada's educational system?

canada education system is formal education

Why was Canada divided into upper and lower Canada?

Canada was divided into upper and lower Canada because of the geographical level of the land.

Into what smaller govermentalpolitical regions is Canada divided?

Canada is divided in to 'Provinces'. NOT states.

How was land divided in Canada?

its divided into provinces

How is the country of Canada divided?

The country of Canada is divided by the great wall of Canada, im suprised you've not heard of it

What did the british north American act accomplish?

It divided Canada in half, Upper and Lower Canada.

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