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If you think about, it's a hobby becuz Isaac newton and Larry King said so.

clearly you havnt played. its a sport

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โˆ™ 2009-05-16 00:25:06
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Q: Is dodgeball a hobby game or sport?
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Is dodgeball a game hobby or sport?

dodge ball is a sport

Unscramble sport or hobby blade gold?


Is dodgeball a sport?

Yes and No. Dodge ball has all of the qualities a sport needs, but it is a small game.

What sport uses the ball as defense?

You can use the ball as defense in the sport of dodgeball.

Is dodgeball an Olympic sport?


Is dodgeball a pro sport?


When was dodgeball made a sport?


What is a sport that has nine letters?


What sport to be palyed in the moon?


How do you spell dodgeball?

That is the correct spelling of the one-word noun "dodgeball" (a game). It can also be used for the specific balls designed for the game. The two-word form "dodge ball" is also used for the sport.

Should dodgeball be an olympic sport?


How much time do you get at a dodgeball game?

The time given in a dodgeball game depends on the importance of a specific game, like, for example, a championship game of dodgeball would have a longer time duration than of a regular season game of dodgeball

Is riding horses a hobby or a sport?

hobby An olympic sport called Equestrian.

Is humping a hobby or a sport?


What is the sport called when you run away from the balls?


Is tennis a sport or hobby?

Tennis isn't a sport, it is more of a hobby.

Which is the fastest game?


What is the most popular sport for Chinese?

table tennis or dodgeball

What experienced popularity due to a movie named after the sport?


What experinced popularity due to a movie named after the sport?


Why do people like dodgeball?

It is a physically active sport that pushed your adrenaline to a higher level due to the stress of staying "alive" (in the game).

How can a hobby be a sport?

Yep my sport (life) is also my hobby because I do it a lot and I enjoy it.

What is Japan's native sport?

Well it all started about 1000 years ago when the Japanese started using discarded heads from there enemies to play the game of dodgeball by throwing the heads at eachother. You can thank the Japanese for Dodgeball

Is airsofting classed as a sport?

It is a hobby and a sport.

Is golf a sport or hobby?

hobby Alan is a loser