Is doc rivers the coach for the Celtics?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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yes he curretly is the head coach

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Q: Is doc rivers the coach for the Celtics?
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Who is the Celtics coach?

Doc rivers

Who the coach of the Celtics?

Doc Rivers

Who was the coach for the celtics in 2007?

Doc Rivers

Who is the celtics head coach?

Doc Rivers

What is the celtics coach name?

Glenn "Doc" Rivers.

When did doc rivers become a coach of the Celtics?


What is the name of the current Boston celtics coach?

Doc Rivers

When did Doc Rivers start coaching for Boston?

Doc Rivers was hired as Celtics coach on April 29, 2004

Who is currently the head coach for the Boston Celtics?

Glenn "Doc" Rivers

Who was the last black coach to win an nba championship?

Doc Rivers, The Boston Celtics, June 2008

Who is the coach for the Boston celtics?

As of the 2007-2013 season, Glenn "Doc" Rivers.

What college team did doc rivers play for?

doc rivers played with the celtics