Is critiano ronaldo married

Updated: 12/19/2022
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yes ronaldo is married to Ashley tisdale

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Q: Is critiano ronaldo married
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What position does critiano ronaldo play?

Mid Fielder.

Did critiano ronaldo get good grades?

yes he got A*

Critiano ronaldo salary per week at real Madrid?

5 billion a year

Who is Manchester United's best player?

Wayne Rooney Manchester united no.1

How many goals does critiano ronaldo score in his carrier up till date?

362 as of 2013

Who is the oldest out of Critiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi?

Christiano Ronaldi is 28 years old an Lionel Messi is 25 years old

Who is a sportsstar?

Cricket - Sachin Tendulkar. Golf - Tiger Woods Football - Critiano Ronaldo. Tennis - Rafel Nadel Formula 1 - Lewis Hemilton Badminton - Saina Nehwal

Who is the best Manchester United player on the team?

at the moment in my mind Ryan Giggs Wayne Rooney

Is Cristiano Ronaldo married to jolie?

No, he is not. :)

Is Cristiano Ronaldo marride or not?

No he is not married

Is Cristiano Ronaldo married to a man?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo is married?

No he is not married , but he is the father of a baby boy.