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Q: Is conservation of mechanical energy likely to hold if a hockey puck slid on a frictionless surface of ice?
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What are the differences between Conservation law of energy and Conservation law of Mechanical energy in Physics?

The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy in the universe is a constant and will remain so for example ( x=y+z ). conservation of energy has to do with reducing the amount of energy used through reduced activity and/or increased efficiency in the performance of a particular task.

Explaine the law of conservation of mechanical energy?

The law of conservation of mechanical energy states that in a closed system, the total mechanical energy (sum of kinetic and potential energy) remains constant as long as no external forces are acting on it. This means that the energy within the system may change form between kinetic and potential energy, but the total amount remains constant.

What is the difference between conservation of mechanical energy and conservation of total energy?

There is no difference between the two, it's just another way of wording the phrase.

According to the law of conservation of mechanical energy if the only force acting on this pendulum is gravity the total energy of the system is .?

Conservation of mechanical energy means that the total mechanical energy doesn't increase or decrease over time.Note that in real systems, some mechanical will always be lost due to friction.

The conservation of energy explains that energy?

The conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another. This principle is fundamental in understanding energy transfer and interactions in different systems.

Can you give examples of conservation of mechanical energy into heat energy?

rubbing of two wood

Is light mechanical energy?

Light is not mechanical energy but it can be transformed into mechanical energy. Light creates an impact as it hits a surface.

When is total mechanical energy conserved?

In theory, in a closed frictionless system. In practise, never because some energy is always lost in the form of heat or sound.

What is the sum of kinetic energy and potential energies?

Mechanical Energy

How are the law of conservation of mechanical energy appy in different situation?


Which equation expresses the conservation of mechanical energy using only the basic terms for mechanical energy?


Why does the mechanical (total) energy of the skater not change over time?

It certainly does; mechanical energy will be wasted due to friction. Otherwise, if you disregard friction, the fact that the total mechanical energy is conserved follows from conservation of energy.