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No, Okinawa, Japan is the birth place of Karate.

But somehow Karate is influenced by kung-fu ... so it depends

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Q: Is china the birth place of karate?
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'Karate Kid' takes place in what country?

The original Karate Kid took place in the United States. The new Karate Kid takes place in China.

Is Tokyo the home of karate?

Nope. Okinawa, Japan is the birth place of karate. If you read into it, it is an amazing place.

When did karate have origin?

Karate-do originated in okinawa but its roots are from china.

How was karate developed?

Karate was a blending of martial arts from Okinawa and China. White Crane Kung Fu was merged with Okinawan Tegumi to create karate.

Where was Karate Kid filmed?


How many many karate schools in china?

There are not many karate schools in China. The government there promotes Wushu. Karate is Japanese and the history between the two countries is not good.

Is china the original birth place of the pekingese puppy?


What movies were filmed in China?

The karate kid

Where was karate kid 2010 filmed?


Who was the first person to invent karate in china?

Karate did not develop in China. It was developed in Okinawa based on a combination of wrestling and Chinese Kung Fu.

WhAT is birth place of rubber?

Akron, Ohio

What does karate translate to?

Karate translates as Empty Hand. Itcan also be translated as China Hand.

Did Karate come from China?

Karate came from Okinawa, but owes some of its techniques to the Chinese arts.

Did karate come from Africa then went to Asia?

Karate can trace its roots through China and to India.

What continent does karate come from china or japan?

China and Japan are not continents but countries. They are both located in the continent of Asia. However, karate comes from Japan.

What is the setting of The Karate Kid 2010?

Bejing, China

What is a karate gym called?

The place to learn karate is called the dojo.

Temple where karate was first taught in china?

Karate is not Chinese. Karate comes from Okinawa, where it was created by combining Okinawan wrestling and Chinese Kung Fu. In China, Kung Fu is said to have originated in the Shoalin Temple.

Does karate come from china?

Indirectly. Karate is a combination of Okinawan martial arts with Chinese kung fu.

Who brought karate to china?

Kung fu can to China from India. Bodhidharma a Buddhist monk traveled there. Kung fu was taken to the Ryukyu Islands and became Karate.

What are some physical requirements to be in karate?

You don't need physcal requiremants in karate. Karate is a place to learn not qualify.

Why The Karate Kid has Chinese Credits?

Because it was shot in China

Is Japan the home of Kung Fu or Karate?

Karate came from Okinawa, which is now a part of Japan. Kung Fu is from China.

Where did the Karate Kid take place?

it toke place in my face

Is karate a sport in china?

Karate is not a sport, it is a martial art. Some styles treat it as a sport and hold competitions. In China, the martial art most commonly practiced as a sport is Wushu.