Is cheerleading hard

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AnswerCheerleading is a very competetive sport and it depends on how good the team is that you are on to tell how difficult it is going to be. If a team is unbelievable then you know those kids put long hours of hard practice into that routine and in that I would yes, cheerleading is a hard sport if you want to excel in it.

There are some squads that practice and travel all year round for competitions, and put out a lot of hard work and dedicaton! Cheerleading is a very hard sport. Dont agree? go to a junior high or high school squad. thanks!

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Q: Is cheerleading hard
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Is cheerleading a hard sport chellenge to learn?

Cheerleading is not a hard sport challenge to learn. I am a a girl who does cheerleading and its not hard. When i first started to learn it, i picked it up very easily. The stunts get harder and harder. We are on level 4 stunts and Acrobatics. People also think that cheerleading isnt a sport, but it is.

Is gymnastics harder then cheerleading?

it depends in gymnastic you have the bars and beams which are hard but in cheerleading you have stunting and jumping. then in both you have tumbling which can be hard. i think both of the sports are hard and difficult.

What are adjectives that describe cheerleading?

Cheerleading is very fun and gets hard at times, you have to be very strong to do this sport and have the skills to do it

Is cheerleading a sprort?

Cheerleading is a sport because it need team work there's comp it a hard working thing.

Is gymnastics more dangerous than cheerleading?

no cheerleading is way more hard and dangerous. flying and stunting pyrimids scorpians dur

Is cheerleading more dangerous than gymnastics?

no Cheerleading is way more hard and dangerous. flying and stunting pyrimids scorpians dur

What is the big idea of cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a big idea! Cheerleading is HARD work, you dont even know! its not just looking pretty and cute in short skirts and belly tops. It's cheering your team on.

What does cheerleading consist of?

cheerleading consists of a crap ton of hard work!! and dedication. i thought it was dumb until i was on my schools team. i would recomend it to everybody!!

Why are jumps so hard in cheerleading?

If they wernt so hard, everyone could do it and it probably wouldnt be called a sport

What is a cheerleading split?

when your legs are completely strait, and its hard to explain, you would need a picture of it.

How do you convince someone to have retryouts for cheerleading?

Uhm well you COULD tell the coach or whomever is running the tryouts that you have been working hard and that your ready for a second chance at becoming a cheerleader. But please be that you are ready because cheerleading is a hard and dangerous sport.

Is cheerleading one word or two?

Cheerleading, one word.

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