Is cheerleading better than soccer

Updated: 9/27/2023
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no, unless you count the fans! you might be confusing soccer with football, because that is what it is called in England. But if you are talking about plain old American soccer, then no there is not.

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No, but if you GoogleImage Soccer Cheerleaders, you'll get some nice results! Also, did about twelve videos with some of their models doing soccer.*wink*

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Yes, it means on your own personal preference and opinion. I'm a huge soccer person, so obviously I would choose soccer.

If you like running, giving strength, ball ability and contact, then choose soccer. But if you like to dance, use your voice, use pom poms, and if you're flexible and dedicated, then do Cheerleading. It's all up to what you prefer.

It depends on who you are. My brother, for example, is a die-hard soccer player while I am a die-hard cheerleader.

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Q: Is cheerleading better than soccer
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