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Charging an opponent is a direct free kick offense.

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Q: Is charging an opponent a direct or indirect free kick offense?
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What constitutes direct or indirect fouls in soccer?

Fouls are actions that are normally punishable by a direct free kick. It is incorrect to call an indirect free kick offense a foul.

A direct free kick would be awarded for?

Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent, Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent, Striking or attempting to strike an opponent, Jumping at or on an opponent, Charging an opponent Pushing an opponent

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When does ref give direct or indirect free kick?

The referee may award a free kick for certain infractions of the IFAB's Laws of the Game (the rules the world plays by), such as fouls and misconduct (Law 12) and Offside (Law 11). The referee will award a direct free kick if play is stopped for kicking or attempting to kick an opponent, tripping or attempting to trip an opponent, striking or attempting to strike an opponent, charging an opponent, jumping at an opponent, pushing an opponent, holding an opponent, and deliberately handling the ball (except a goalkeeper in his or her own penalty area). An indirect free kick is awarded for the Offside infraction, dangerous play, offensive encroachment on a penalty kick, if play is stopped to issue a sanction for misconduct, certain goalkeeper handling offenses, and certain infractions relating to substitutes.

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