Is champions league greater than premiership?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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It is championship

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Q: Is champions league greater than premiership?
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Who won the champions league and then got relegated?

In 1993, Marseille won the Champions League and got relegated at the end of the 1993-1994 league. This was however a penalty for bribing some players of Valenciennes the week before the Champions League rather than a regular relegation

Why do some countries have more slots than others in the euro champions league?

It all depends on how successful the country's clubs have been in the Champions League and Uefa Cup in the past. The more successful they are, the more slots they get in the Champions League/Uefa Cup.

Which player has scored greater than 100 premiership goals for two different clubs?

Alan Shearer

What players have played in the champions league for more than 4 different clubs?


When did the Champions League allow more than one team from each country to enter?


Is the UEFA champions league more expensive than the spanish La liga cup?

i think it is

What football club has won more Champions League cups than any other?

Real madrid

Who has won the champions league with more than one club?

Clarence Seendorf Ajax R.Madrid Milan

Who has scored more goals in champions league European cup than any other player?

Raul Gonzales

Describe the stages of human development from fertilization to gastrulation?

chelsea is better than any team in the world we r gonna win the premier league and the UEFA Champions league

How many times did Liverpool qualify for the champions league in premier league era?

Liverpool have qualified 20 more times than the scum of chealsea so it is 36

Is barca better than man utd?

that will be answered on 27th may in rome in champions league final 2009... but united are better...