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Q: Is chad reed a good motorcross rider?
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How is Chad reed famous?

he is famous because he is a pro motorcross rider

How did Chad Reed get into motorcross?

he started out in Australia then came the united states to race

Australian motocross rider Chad Reed was born in which city?

The Australian-born motocross rider Chad Reed was born in the city of Kurri Kurri, Australia on March 15th, 1982. Kurri Kurri is in the province of New South Wales.

Who is the fastest motocross rider in the world?

Ricky Carmichael,james stewart, steven everts and chad reed

Is Chad reed married?

Yes, Chad reed is married to Ellie reed and they have a son named tate reed.

Who were the most popular Australian sports stars in 2008?

Chad Reed. He is a dirt bike rider. He races in America now..

Does chad reed have kids?

Yes Chad reed has one son his name is tate.

Who is the best pro motorcross rider of the world?

James Stewart is the best because he won the most main events in the history he rules at table tops, jumps, wops, and all. But when it comes ruts Chad Reed will steal victory. All in all I would put my money on Stewart. chad reed couldn't win the championship when he crashed James in the first race and James got 18. he had to ride dirty and try to crash James in the last race to try to win. shows you what kind of rider he is. How about dude ^ I think chad reed and James stewart are both equals they both fought each other it aint dirty riding its called fair play hard rough riding like champs do.

Who is chad reed married to?

Chad Reed is married to Ellie since October 15, 2004.

What year did Chad Reed land on the moon?

No astronauts named Chad Reed have walked on the moon.

Why do so many people hate chad reed?

Because the name CHAD is such a ugly name that's why people hate chad reed

What is chad reed daughter's name?

Kiah Mattox Reed

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