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In large tournaments, there is a center court and then there are the other tennis courts. The size of the actual courts themselves are the same, but the seating capacities of those courts can vary.

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Q: Is centre court and other tennis courts are same in size?
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What happens to the courts at Wimbledon after the tournament are they closed or does play continue how do they repair the damaged areas?

The two main show courts, Centre Court and No. 1 Court, are usually used only for the tournament and closed the rest of the year. The other courts are used for other events held by the club that owns the grounds (the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club) during the year. There are some exceptions: some of the 2012 Olympics tennis events will be held on the main show courts, for example.

Wimbledon Do players have the right to challenge regardless of what Court they are playing on in other words are ALL Courts now fitted with the technology?

No - the hawkeye systems are currently only installed on Centre court and courts 1 and 2.

What other courts can tennis be played on?

Grass and Clay

How many type of in court?

There are 4 types of courts-: # Supreme Court - Highest court in India # High Courts- Below Supreme Courts # Subordinate Courts include district courts and other courts # Lok Adalats - It solves cases at much faster pace than any other court. It is below districts courts.

How many types of court in INDIA?

There are 4 types of courts-: # Supreme Court - Highest court in India # High Courts- Below Supreme Courts # Subordinate Courts include district courts and other courts # Lok Adalats - It solves cases at much faster pace than any other court. It is below districts courts.

What is another type of Federal Court besides the Supreme Court?

Aside from the US Supreme Court, the other courts in the Judicial Branch are:US District Courts (trial courts)US Court of International Trade (trial)US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts (intermediate appellate courts)There are many other federal courts outside the Judicial Branch.

How does federalism apply to US Courts?

It puts the federal court as more important than the other courts, other than the supreme court.

Which court supervises all other courts?

There is no court that supervises all other courts. You may be confusing supervision with the lower courts' obligation to uphold precedents set by the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court doesn't "supervise" them, however.

What is Judical branch made up of?

The Judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court, the US Courts of Appeal, the US District Courts and other courts of limited or special jurisdiction such as the Bankruptcy Court, the Court of Federal Claims and other courts.

Which direction are tennis courts laid?

The direction that the tennis courts are laid usually depends with the topography of the land. The direction of wind in the area is the other factor that is largely considered.

Tennis Court Installation?

form_title=Tennis Court Installation form_header=11753 Which kind of sporting surface are you interested in?*= () Tennis court () Basketball court () In-line skate/hockey () Combination of courts () Putting green () Other What type of court surfacing would you prefer?*= () "Hard court (asphalt or concrete) () Soft court (clay, fast dry or grass) () Cushioned court (resilient layer over asphalt or concrete) () Portable () Interlocking tile system () Not sure"

How many private tennis courts are there in the USA?

Unfortunately, there is no way of obtaining this number, because not all clubs, private or public, are registered or otherwise listed, publicly. Furthermore, not all clubs having tennis courts designate themselves as such (i.e., they may be named as a "golf club" or "swim club", etc), and a "private tennis court" could also be construed as a personal/residential tennis court, which do not have any members other than the immediate family.

Who is in the judicial?

supreme court and other federal courts

What is the general term for the US Supreme Court and other courts?

The Federal court system. The Article III courts, which comprise the Supreme Court, the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts, the US Court of International Trade, and the US District Courts are additionally part of the Judicial Branch. No other federal courts are included in the judicial branch; most are technically part of the Legislative Branch.

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No. Municipal courts, or city courts, are small courts with limited jurisdiction, and are not "over" any other courts.

What other courts are there in the united states that must follow the decisions if the supreme court?

All other courts in the United States must follow the decisions of the Supreme Court.

Where can one find indoor tennis courts?

One can find indoor tennis courts located nearest to their area easily by making an account in Global Tennis Network, then by filling up the location and all other information it will automatically shows the nearest indoor courts available in his or her area.

Judicial branch courts?

The other courts that are included in the Judicial Branch besides the Supreme Court is the Lower Federal Courts.

Why is a tennis clay court called clay court when is actually a shale court. When and who decided to use the term clay instead of shale?

There is more than one type of tennis court and clay is one of them. There is shale stone brick and clay. Clay is more popular in Europe and Latin america, but is not used in the U.S.A. The material used in the U.S.A. green clay or rubico is commonly called clay but is not the same as other courts in Europe. Although cheaper to construct than other types of tennis courts, the maintenance costs of clay are high because the surface must be rolled to preserve flatness.

Three levels of federal courts?

The three levels of the federal court system are District Courts, Courts of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. Congress has the power to eliminate and create other federal courts.

Are all lower federal courts created by the Supreme Court?

No, the Supreme Court is separate from all other courts. The president nominates judges to federal courts and Congress approves them.

What are the number of courts in the US Supreme Court?

One. The US Supreme Court is a separate entity from the other courts in the federal judicial system.

What are some court sports popular in other countries?


Tennis Court Repair: Keeping Value in the Tennis Court?

A tennis court can be a great investment for any home, especially for homes in wealthy and affluent areas. Many people will only purchase homes that have tennis courts in affluent areas. It is very important that a home owner take good care of a tennis court, if he or she chooses to invest in one and build it in the backyard. Otherwise, it is easy for a tennis court to become destroyed and totally ruined by only a few wintery seasons. It is a good idea to hire a tennis court repair person to maintain a tennis court if one is worried about it. There are often many ways to protect a tennis court from harsh elements like the snow or rain. A tennis court repair person knows how the tennis court should be covered and protected during such months of harsh elements. It is a good idea to pay this sort of person to worry about it, rather than try to research the proper treatments for a tennis court and do it all by one's self. In some instances, you may need to call a tennis court repair person to restore the color of a tennis court. It is easy for the color of tennis courts to simply fade with regular use and from the sun rays. A repair man will know whether or not you simply need to purchase an entirely new court. It may be the case that you need to repaint an entire court or simply buy new flooring for it. In other more dreadful instances, perhaps an injury occurred on a court and blood gets on the court. This is one of those things most home owners want taken care of immediately. No one wants to play tennis on a tennis court that looks like it could be the middle of a crime scene. A tennis court repair person often has different solutions that can be used to lift a stain such as blood from a tennis court. It is a very wise choice to consult this person to fix a tennis court that has been the central point of an injury occurrence of another.