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It's an Ice Hockey team.

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Q: Is capitals a soccer team
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Which is the better team the Capitals or the Blackhawks?


Is it correct girl's soccer team or girls' soccer team?

Girl's soccer team means ONE Girl's team. Girls' soccer team means PLURAL AMOUNT OF GIRLS soccer team. Now u figure it out XD

Should girls soccer team be girls' soccer team?

It should be girl's soccer team ;)

When did Washington capitals become a team?

The Washington Capitals joined the NHL in 1974.

Does Spain have a soccer team?

Yes it does have a soccer team

What is a Bolivian soccer team?

A soccer team from Bolivia. This can include a league team or a national team.

Can irelands soccer team beat US soccer team?

well any soccer team can beat any other soccer team but it might take time for ireland to win though

What is the name of Japans soccer team?

Japan soccer team

Does Canada have an international soccer team?

Yes they do have a soccer team.

Is Barcelona a soccer team?

Yes, they are a soccer team in spain

What is every soccer team?

Every soccer team has 11 players. Every soccer team plays on a field that is in the shape of a rectangle. Every team has a goal to protect.

What is the rule of subject-verb agreement applied to asking the question Who belong to the soccer team or Who belongs to the soccer team?

The answer is "Who belongs to the soccer team."

What is the best hockey team?


When did the Washington capitals enter the NHL?

The Washington Capitals entered the NHL in 1974 as an expansion team.

What are the team colors of the chilean soccer team?

The team colors for the Chilean soccer team are red, blue and white.

What is most famous soccer team in turkey?

The famous soccer team is the FA and they were the first soccer teams.

What does the manager of a soccer team do?

A manager of a soccer team gives team talks, orders and training

What is the most expensive soccer team?

manchester united soccer team

What is Mexico's soccer team called?

fifa Mexico soccer team.

Are there 8 people on a soccer TEAM?

No there are eleven players in a soccer team.

Who is Italy's national soccer team?

The Italian National Soccer Team

What is the Major league soccer team in Illinois?

there is no soccer team in Illinois

Where is the soccer team chivas US from?

Chivas soccer team is from Mexico

Who is the current coach of the NHL team Washington Capitals?

The current coach for the NHL team the Washington Capitals is Adam Oates. Oates became a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2012, which is the same year he became captain for the Capitals.

How can you get on a soccer team?

how can u get on a soccer team