Is byu a good football team?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Well, they did win in 1984, but, now, they have almost a .001% of even making the national championship, let alone, win it. :)

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Yes they have one national championship win, but have a great program , and they are very competitive yet humble.

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Q: Is byu a good football team?
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When was BYU Cougars football created?

BYU Cougars football was created in 1922.

What college football team in Utah is most popular?

Cougars. They have BYU Idaho and BYU Hawaii and the central BYU in Utah that all help them grow more popular. Plus, they are said to have more tradition and more entertaining football games.

What college football team has the current record for most games without being shutout?


What university football team played in the first seven holiday bowls?

BYU. They won 4 out of the 7.

Does BYU have the most NCCA football titles?

No, Alabama does. BYU has only one.

Has a college football team outside the top 25 at the start of the season has ever won a national championship?

BYU did in 1984

What position did Scott Young play at BYU football?

although there may have been a Scott young at some point on the BYU team, I will go on the assumption that you don't know much about football. The name is Steve Young. He's a quarterback. (the one that throws the ball)

How many BYU football players are Mormons?

About 75 percent of BYU's football team is traditionally Mormon. Sometimes that number is higher, sometimes it is lower. One certainly does not have to be Mormon to play for BYU. However, all players must abide by the Mormon Church-operated school's Honor Code and abstain from alcohol drugs and premarital sex.

When is the Byu vs Utah football game 2009?

Saturday at 3:00 pm. Its at the byu

Who are the officials of the UW vs BYU football game of 2008?

UW won the Bowl game! (not BYU) SO SAD! I LOVE BYU!

When was the BYU Cougars first football season?

BYU's first season of football was 1922 when they went 1-5 under head coach Alvin Twitchell.

Are all of the BYU football players virgins?