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The breast stroke is a healthy active swim and is a good all round swimming stroke. It is very excellent exercise.

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Q: Is breast stroke a good all round swimming stroke for exercise?
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Is butterfly stroke a good all round swimming stroke for exercise?

My favorite all around exercise stroke is front crawl. It really gets the cardiovascular system going and is generally considered to be the stroke that propels you (most people) quickest in the water. The butterfly stroke is actually a bit faster, but only among professionals with very good technique. Good butterfly requires exacting technique that the front crawl doesn't. If you're trying to kick your exercise up a notch, try swimming front crawl and increasing the number of strokes per breath. This will force your body to adapt to working on less oxygen and make your muscles more efficient. This is called hypoxic swimming, and the principle can actually be applied to any swim stroke. Any swim stroke can be performed with any level of effort, and because of this any stroke can give good cardio exercise. Typically, though, the front crawl can be done by a beginner and easily involves a good effort from the body.

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