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yes he is as of right now but I look for him to be traded before the season starts.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-16 01:06:25
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Q: Is braylon Edwards still on the browns?
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Who was the NFL leader in drops?

Braylon Edwards from the Browns.

What is the birth name of Braylon Edwards?

Braylon Edwards's birth name is Braylon Jamel Edwards.

How many dropped passes does Braylon Edwards have in 2008?

14 and he needs to improve i am a browns fan

When was Braylon Edwards born?

Braylon Edwards was born on February 21, 1983.

What is Braylon Edwards's birthday?

Braylon Edwards was born on February 21, 1983.

In week 6 do you start Anthony gonzalez or braylon Edwards?

Braylon Edwards for sure.

How long is Braylon Edwards contract with Cleveland?

Edwards signed a five year contract in August, 2005. He was the Browns #1 pick in the 2005 draft and the #3 pick overall.

Is braylon Edwards maried?

No he is not married. He is a wide receiver,# 17, for the Cleveland Browns and his contract worth was about 40 million for 5 years?

How old is Braylon Edwards?

Braylon Edwards is 34 years old (birthdate: February 21, 1983).

Who had more dropped passes in 2007 season Terrell Owens or Braylon Edwards?

Braylon Edwards lead the NFL with dropped passes in 2007.

Who should you start braylon Edwards or Dwayne bowe?

boweBowe is definitely the better choice. Braylon Edwards has some buttery fingers.

What number is braylon Edwards?


What is Braylon Edwards' religion?


What is Edwards from the jets first name?

braylon Edwards is the WR for the jets.

Who would win a fight between Braylon Edwards or Lebron James?

lebron for sure even though braylon would be a nice contendor lebron would still pulverize him. long live the king

What are the names of Braylon Edwards parents?

I can give you half of this ... Braylon's father, Stanley, played football at Michigan (1977-81) and in the NFL with the Houston Oilers (1982-86) and Detroit Lions (1987). Braylon's full name is Braylon Jamel Edwards and he was born Feb. 21, 1983, in Detroit, Michigan.

Is braylon edwards gay?

rumors have it but its a lie

What are the personal bests of Braylon Edwards?

Braylon Edwards is a wide receiver that plays for the New York Jets. He is a football player, and previously was also a track athlete. His personal bests in football include 1289 yards (2007) for the Cleveland Browns, and 16 touchdowns (2007), also for the Cleveland Browns. His track personal bests include 6.88 seconds for the 60 meter dash, 10.80 seconds for the 100 meter dash, and 21.81 seconds for the 200 meter dash.

Does braylon Edwards have a girlfriend?

Braylon Edwards is currently not dating anyone but... when he used to go to U of M he liked my sisters friend (shes a model now) but she didnt like him and she rejected him

Where does Braylon Edwards live?

Michigan, near Detroit.

How many drop passes did braylon Edwards have in 2007?


What NFL receiver was 2nd in drop passes in 2007?

braylon Edwards

Which Michigan receiver holds the record for receptions in a career?

Braylon Edwards

Fantasy football trade Calvin Johnson for Steve Smith NYG and Braylon Edwards Which is more upside?

Whoever is getting Steve Smith and Braylon Edwards. Calvin Johnson is good but he plays for the Lions, a low scoring offense. While Smith and Edwards play for high scoring offenses.

How much is a braylon Edwards jersey signed worth?

Not much after this past year.