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No, the SEC is the best college-football conference.

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Q: Is big 10 the best conferance in college football?
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Is the big 12 the hardest football conferance?

YES. No other conference boasts as many phenomenal and all-around good teams.

Is Texas Tech an NFL team?

No it's a college. It has a football team. It's in the BIG 12 Conference. its also THE BEST college football team(:

Is there a football team in the job corps?

Most Job Corps have Flag football team who play in local recreation leauges. Some compete against other Job Corps. The Alanta region/Southeasten region are apart of the JCAA conferance. The Job Corps who are apart of the Dallas Region/Southwestern regions are in a conferance called that Big South conferance in all sports. There are National Championships in men's flag football, men's and women's basketball and men's softball also.

How big is a college football scoreboard?

Pretty Big

How big is a college football field?

how big the football field is in UCLA?

Can a college football player turn pro after his sophomore year?

Yes, but it's best to finish college before moving on to the big leagues.

What size is a college football?

very big

How big is a college football?

A college football must be between 10 14/16 in. and 11 7/16 in.

Is a midget football bigger than a college football?

Go Big Red

How big is the pocket in college football?

11 players

How many teams ard in the Big Ten in college football?

There are ten football teams in the Big Ten, which is why it's called the Big Ten.

Which college football stadium has the highest number of seats?

The "Big House"College Football Stadium at Michigan Seats 107,501. Ohio State's College Football Stadium seats About 109,000 .

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