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He used to be one of the best, but not anymore. He is still good, but not as good as he was.

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Q: Is beckham the best freekick taker?
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Who is the best freekick taker in football?


Who is the best freekick taker?

Over the years there were several, like Ronald koeman, David Beckham, Henry and Ronoldhino andd Ronaldo.And Roberto carlos.

Who is the best freekick taker in the premiership?

Ryan Taylor #Overthewall

What player has the best curve and freekick ac in fifa 12?

beckham, best curve

Can you change free kick taker on the wii playing fifa 11?

Yes you can change the free kick taker by changing the player before the freekick or change it before the game starts

Who is the Best free kicker ever in soccer?

The best free kick taker in soccer would have to be David Beckham but Cristiano Ronaldo does strike a deadly free kick and is a close second.

Who is the best freekick tacker in Liverpool?


Who is the best football player beckham or Gerrard?


What are the rules for freekick in soccer?

There are two kinds of freekicks in soccer: direct and indirect. A direct freekick can be a shot at the goal, or a pass to another player. An indirect freekick must touch another player before attempting a goal. The freekick is awarded after a foul or penalty, and the opposing team must be 10 yards from the ball. The kick is performed from the location where the foul occurred; if the foul was within the goal area, then the freekick starts there.

Who is the best penalty taker in the world?


What is freekick box in soccer?

you have asked the wrong question it's called a penalty box there is no such thing as a freekick box

What is Harry Beckham for in soccer?

Harry Beckham is known for his rock n' roll lifestyle and for his talent as a footballer. He joined Manchester United before he was in his teens and made his way to the first team. Like his older brother, he amazed everyone with his freekick-abilities and tireless running on the pitch. He has won the Fa cup/PremierLeagueTitle/Champions League. He is also famous for his troubles with drugs and alcohol, his time in prison, spending money on prostitution and having comparisons to his famous brother David Beckham.

Who is the best corner kick taker in premier league?


Who is best penalty taker in EPL?


Ronaldinho and beckham who is best in taking freekicks?

Beckham has his free kicks better as they dip a lot.

What all has David Beckham been throgh?

he fouled a argatinian player in 1998 if you can call it that got a red card sent off England failed blamed on david and in 2001 he scored a goal on the last minute with a freekick against Greece wich earnd respect back

Who is the best wicket taker in ipl3?

Pragyan Ojha

In a football league what does the d and a mean?

The "D" is the semi circle on the edge of the 18 yard box. If a freekick is won in this area the commentator will sometimes say, 'a freekick in the "D" '.

How do you rate David Beckham?

Best in the world...

Who is the best footballer on earth?

David Beckham

Who is best Cristiano Ronaldo or beckham?


Who is soccer best free kick taker?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo freekick technique?

he kicks it and it goes in...sometimes

Who sang the song from A Very Margera Christmas that keeps saying 'This is going to be the best Christmas ever'?

David Beckham David Beckham

Who is David Beckham's best mate?

Gary nevile