Is basketball healthy

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Yes Basketball is healthy. If somwone was overweight and played they w

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Q: Is basketball healthy
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Related questions

What purposes does basketball have?

The purpose of basketball is to have fun, build healthy relationships and skills and also to get fit and healthy.

Why is basketball an active and healthy sport?

why is basketball a excercise game

What rymes with healthy and has somthing to do with basketball?

One word that rhymes with healthy is wealthy. It can be used as a basketball reference since many basketball players are wealthy.

How is basketball healthy?

you run and burn calories

Why is playing basketball healthy for your body?

exercise. Any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up is healthy. Basketball is a fun game and is also a very healthy form of exercise !

Is basketball healthy as in getting more exercise?

Basketball is a good source of excercise. So you should use Basketball as an excercise

What do basketball players do to stay healthy?

eat bannanas

How is the game of basketball?

The game of basketball is awesome!!!! You get fit and healthy, learn and practice skills and have fun.

What are some benefits from playing basketball?

Some benefits from playing basketball are better fitness, heart healthy,and muscles.

Does basketball increase the growth?

Yes. The lifestyle of a basketball player is healthy; therefore, increases overall growth in the individual.

What are positive aspects of basketball?

basketball is a good sport. it helps you stay active and healthy. it is a great sport for anybody

How do basketball players stay healthy?

Basketball players most likely stay healthy by eating a healthy diet, frequent exercise, and constantly regularly their vitals. Also, they strive to minimize stress in their lives, and avoid high risk behavior.

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