Is basketball harder than karate

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both hard in different ways

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Q: Is basketball harder than karate
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Is basketball harder than golf or is golf harder than basketball?

golf is harder

Is netball harder than basketball?

netball is harder

What is considered a martial art karate or basketball?


Is basketball in belo horizonte harder than the basketball in wa?

no its easier. the 3 point line is actually closer to the rim

Is karate more fun then basketball?

It depends really Karate you can get injured and in basketball you can get injured but in karate you can brake your arm and in basketball you can sprain your ankle if you play roughly so no basketball is better then karate so chose basketball. I play basketball and a girl on the other team tried to smack by jumping to it but the girl with the ball moved and the one girl hit smack down on the floor and twisted her ankle because she was being rough. I was in karate but I quit because i broke my arm by braking a block.

Why would it be harder to play basketball in denver than in portland?

the altitude. At higher altitude it is harder to breather because the air is thinner.

Who makes the most money basketball players or football players?

i think that football makes more than basketball because the play much harder and get hurt more than basketball players

How is basketball challenging?

because its harder than it looks. its one thing to watch the game, its another to play it.

What is harder to play baseball or basketball?

It all depends on what you are good at. If you are good at hitting a ball with a bat then you'll find it harder to play basketball and if you are good at catching and throwing a basketball then you'll find baseball harder to play

Does karate really burn lots of fat?

Yes, karate is a high-intesity sport. A typical one-hour lesson will have at least 15-20 minutes of hard jumping, running, kicking and so on. In karate, the instructors tend to be quite strict with high expectations, so they might make you work harder than in other kinds of classes. So karate will burn fat, but so will aerobics, running, swimming, basketball, soccer, or any other exercise that makes you sweat.

What are ALL the sports in the world?

football basketball soccer cheerleading karate

Do football players make more money than basketball plAyers?

i think basketball make more money because they play harder than football players just play around it is not a joke

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