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The main rule in Basketball is teamwork. It is in no way an individual sport.

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Q: Is basketball an individual sport
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Is basketball a team sport or individual sport?

Basketball is a team sport. There are five players, per team, on the court at the same time.

Whos 1st filipeno winner to basketball game in the world?

Basketball is a team sport, there cannot be an individual Filipino winner.

Which sport is better NASCAR or basketball?

This is a matter of opinion. It's up to a certain individual, which sport they would like better.

Is judo better than basketball?

It depends entirely on the individual and what they are looking for. Basketball is a team sport and builds teamwork skills. Judo, while it is learned with partners and instructors is an individual endeavor. 99% of the people in America will tell you basketball is better. Judo is better.

Is there a patron saint of basketball?

Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletics. there is no individual patron of each sport.

Who made the sport of basketball?

The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man. The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man.

What is a better sport Basketball or Baseball?

Basketball is a better sport

How big is the sport basketball?

Basketball is the bigest sport in the world.

Is basketball a good sport?

Basketball is the best sport ever

What is the correct definition for individual team sports?

A "team" sport has more than one player on a side or team. Football, baseball, soccer, hockey and basketball are all team sports. An "individual" sport has single opponents playing against each other. Wrestling is an individual sport. Golf is an individual sport that can have many opponents in the same game and it can have a group of golfers form a team but each player is an individual player. Tennis is an individual sport when played as "singles" and a team sport when played as "doubles" but can also have teams put together with singles and doubles.Sports in which only one player per team competes at a time, with individual scores counting toward the team score.

Is ushers favorite sport basketball?

Yes basketball is his favorite sport!!

Is basketball your sport?

I love basketball! :) Its a fantastic sport,everybody should be involved

Is basketball presently an Olympic sport?

no basketball is not presently an Olympic sport today

What sport is Georgia's national sport?

georgia's national sport is basketball.

Is basketball an extreme sport?

yes it is i found it on 7 lists basketball is an extreme sport

What is the highest paid sport in the world?

basketball followed by American football followed by soccer in team sport in individual sports it is golf formula 1 tennis boxing chess i hope it answers your question

Is basketball a summer sport or a winter sport?

It depends on what level of basketball you play. For any league high school or below, it's a winter sport. For college and pro basketball, it's a winter,spring,and summer sport.

Is squash ateam or an individual sport?

It can be played both an individual sport (singles) and a team sport (doubles)

What participated in the sport of basketball?

Humans are what has participated in the sport of Basketball. The United States for example has thousands of people who participate in basketball yearly.

What sport is better hockey or basketball?


Is basketball or football a better sport?


What food are at basketball?

There is no food in basketball. basketball is a sport and is not something you can eat

Is boxing an individual or a team sport?

Boxing is an individual sport.

Is bobslidding an individual or team sport?

Bobsleigh is an individual sport.

What sport do the Memphis Grizzlies play?

The Memphis Grizzlies are in the business of Professional Basketball and they play the sport of Basketball. They are a Professional Basketball Team that are part of the Memphis Sport Leagues and home court is in Nashville, Tennessee.