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No. There is no dancing in the Olymics. Only gymnastics.

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Q: Is ballroom dancing an Olympic sport?
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Related questions

Is Ballroom Dancing a sport in the Olympics?

No, as of 2012, Ballroom Dancing is not an Olympic sport. There is a good possibility of Dancesport (the name for competitive ballroom) becoming an Olympic sport in the future though.

Is dance a Olympic sport?

Yes, Ballroom dancing is an Olympic sport.

Is dancing in the Olympics?

Ballroom dancing has received a certificate from the olympic committee recognizing it as a sport, however, it is NOT on the list of sports to be included in the Olympics as of yet.

Is ballroom dancing a sport?

Yes dance is a sport ballroom dance is a type of dance so yes it is a sport

Is it true that ballroon dancing and surfing are sports included in the Olympic games?

No, ballroom dancing isn't considered a sport, and water sports aren't used in the Olympics (unless you call figure skating a water sport)

Why ballroom dancing is categorized in dance sport?

because its dancing.

Is ballroom dancing a competitive sport?

Yes there are alot of ballroom competitions. Whether or not you would consider it a sport is up to you though.

Is pop dancing an Olympic sport?

Yea pop dancing is an Olympic sport because it is modern and they do all types of modern dancing in the Olympics! I hope this helped you

What is the number one horse spectator sport in the US?

ballroom dancing

Is ice dance a winter olympic sport?

Yes, ice dancing is a winter Olympic sport.

Have surfing or ballroom dancing ever been in the Olympic games?

yea i thinks so

Why is dancing a sport?

you get your body moving, you lose weight, you shape up. also i heard in the summer Olympics they have ballroom dancing!

What sport did billionaire Phil Knight participate in for the Univ.of Oregon?

Ballet and Ballroom dancing

How long has icing dancing been an Olympic sport?

Ice dancing first became a medal sport in the winter olympics of 1976.

What is a dance sport?

gymnastics, earobics ================================================================== Dancesport denotes competitive ballroom dancing, as contrasted to social or exhibition dancing.

What year did ballroom dancing start?

Ballroom dancing started in the 1500s

What has the author Alex Moore written?

Alex Moore has written: 'The revised technique of ballroom dancing' -- subject(s): Ballroom dancing 'Popular variations' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Ballroom dancing 'Ballroom dancing' -- subject(s): Dance, Ballroom dancing

When did Ballroom dancing begin?

when did ballroom dancing begin\\

When was Ballroom Dancing - song - created?

Ballroom Dancing - song - was created in 1982.

What are the values of ballroom dancing?

the values of ballroom dancing is step step turn

Where did ballroom dancing originated?

Ballroom dancing originated from England in the 18th century. The term ballroom dancing was derived from the word ball, which originated from the Latin word ballare, meaning to dance.

Who does dancing?

Many people can do dancing to get fit, as a sport or just to have a good time. It is more common to find younger people in a hip-hop or street dancing class, but anyone can do ballroom dancing, tap and there are many more genres to do.

What is a ballroom?

A ballroom is a room used for elegant dancing, or the form of dancing performed in this kind of room.

Why did harry fox create ballroom dancing?

he created ballroom dancing because he was just bored :)

Is ballroom dancing an aerobic exercise?

Ballroom dancing gives you a great all-over cardio workout.