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Yes. This is one of the hardest jumps. Other people may say differently, but, many girls/boys have bcome stumped due to this jump and have quit figure skating. :(

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Q: Is an axel a figure skating jump?
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Which is a figure skating jump?

Axel A+

Who landed the first axel in figure skating?

Axel Paulsen was the "inventor" of the Axel jump, he was also the first person to ever perform it. He discovered this jump in year of 1882.

Is there a jump in Figure skating?

In figure skating there are many jumps. These are (in order of easiest to hardest): Three jump Salchow Toe Loop Loop Flip Axel This is in ladies figure skating, I'm not sure about mens or pairs

What is the name of the Figure skating jump named after a Norwegian skater in 1882?

aksel, axel?

What is the hardest jump in figure skating?

Triple Axel, but even harder is the quad jumps

What is the name of a figure skating jump named after a Norwegian skater in 1882?

aksel, axel?

What sport has a triple axis?

The sport of figure skating has a jump known as a triple axel, not a triple axis.

What is a figure in skating jump?

Waltz jump Salchow Toe loop Loop Flip Lutz Axel Then doubles, triples, and so on.

Is a pinwheeel a figure skating jump?

No, a pinwheel is not a figure skating jump. It is a skating move the a group of skaters can do.

What are the six jumps in figure skating?

- salchow jump (generally the easiest jump, besides the waltz/3-jump) - toe loop - flip - lutz - axel (generally the hardest jump)

Is axel a French word?

Axel is a fisst name of Scandinavian origin. It was especially popular in Danemark. It is also in use in France. The skating figure axel is a jump named after the Norwegian skater Axel Paulsen who invented it.

What is an axel in figure skating?

An Axel is when you jump forward into mid-air and turn one and a half rotations in the air.You land backwards on the opposite foot you took off on.

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