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Yeah because Rob Dyrdek skates with a alein workshop and he is the bomb diggity

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โˆ™ 2009-06-19 19:02:27
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Q: Is alien workshop better than plan B?
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Will someone pleeaaase answer this is alien workshop better than plan B?

It depends on your opinion of the two, but i personally think alien workshop is awesome. - a guy who skateboards but doesn't have a wikianswers account.

Is alien workshop better than plan b or not?

there the same but they both are one of the top name brand boards to buy

Is Alien Workshop better than Girl?

girl is better quality

Are alien workshop skateboards good?

yes alien workshop are the best skate co. in the world!! better than everyone!!$$ yeah alien workshops are the best skateboards I've ever used.

Are zero skateboards better than almost skateboards when it comes to durability concave pop and lightness?

****Answer**** Defiantly Almost but Alien Workshop is better then both. =D

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Better Dead Than Alien was created in 1988.

When did Better Dead Than Alien happen?

Better Dead Than Alien happened in 1988.

A list of all the skater brands like element?

Baker Zero Creature Deathwish Alien Workshop Habitat Plan B Zoo York Foundation Flip Toy Machine theres still more than that

Are plan b better than dgk?

dgk r far better than plan b because plan b can brake easyer than dgk PS dgk desinges r better than plan b

How is alien ware laptop for visual arts is there any better choice than an alien ware?

graphics are amazing but their not worth the money

Are Plan B skateboards better than Zero skateboards?

yes I have a Plan B skateboard and it is very good! f!@# off they are like zero have way better concave than plan B

How was the Virginia Plan better than the New Jersey Plan?

cause SMD. bye

Are alien workshop skateboards better than habitat skateboards?

It depends on you! all board brands make different decks sincerely i would go for Habitat um there basicly the same company under the sam distrubuter only thing different is the shapes and concaves

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Did George Washington favor Thomas Jefferson plan better than Alexander Hamilton's plan?


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training is more hands on than a workshop

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I hope there's a better answer than "illegal alien." :(

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General George S. Patton

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Is a Yu-Gi-Oh alien deck better than a gravekeeper deck?

No efing way... lol! gravekeepers rule!!!

Is call of duty modern warfare 2 better than alien vs predator 3?

No Modern warfare 2 is a terrible game full of cheaters. Alien vs Predator isn't that good either

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Alien X is not exactly the most power full alien, it belongs to an alien species called SABIONS in this species there are aliens more powerfull than Alien X.

Are Zero skateboards better than Plan b skateboards when it comes to pop flick and durability?

Yeah Zero has all of that, its better

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