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girl is better quality

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โˆ™ 2011-09-02 13:50:39
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Q: Is Alien Workshop better than Girl?
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Are alien workshop skateboards good?

yes alien workshop are the best skate co. in the world!! better than everyone!!$$ yeah alien workshops are the best skateboards I've ever used.

Is alien workshop better than plan B?

Yeah because Rob Dyrdek skates with a alein workshop and he is the bomb diggity

Will someone pleeaaase answer this is alien workshop better than plan B?

It depends on your opinion of the two, but i personally think alien workshop is awesome. - a guy who skateboards but doesn't have a wikianswers account.

Is alien workshop better than plan b or not?

there the same but they both are one of the top name brand boards to buy

Are zero skateboards better than almost skateboards when it comes to durability concave pop and lightness?

****Answer**** Defiantly Almost but Alien Workshop is better then both. =D

When was Better Dead Than Alien created?

Better Dead Than Alien was created in 1988.

When did Better Dead Than Alien happen?

Better Dead Than Alien happened in 1988.

Is skinny girl better than fat girl?

Yes skinny girl is better than fat girl

Which countries skateboard the most?

Clearly the U.S. skates the most. Look at all these U.S. based companies such as Element, Girl, Flip, Almost, Alien Workshop, and lots more. The U.S. also has plenty more skateparks than other countries.

How is alien ware laptop for visual arts is there any better choice than an alien ware?

graphics are amazing but their not worth the money

What is that movie called that's about this girl who is an alien there was a really long hugging scene at the end of it when she is about to get on her alien ship?

Don"t know- but it sounds good, better than animal-like ET. I would love to see Gina Lollobrigida as an alien woman from another planet- no not Fair Eee-Tah-Lee.

Are alien workshop skateboards better than habitat skateboards?

It depends on you! all board brands make different decks sincerely i would go for Habitat um there basicly the same company under the sam distrubuter only thing different is the shapes and concaves

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Because it's a girl, girl's do EVERYTHING better (;

Are girls better then guys?

There will be times when a guy is better at something than a girl is, or a girl is better at something than a guy, but both are equal no matter what anyone says.

Is alien vs predator better than alien vs predator 3?

tht just depends on everyones opinions .. some people could like the second nd some people could like the 1st one better than the other ones

Is journey girl better then American girl doll?

American girl doll is WAY better than journey girls because american girl dolls has BETTER clothes than journey girls. And journey girls has ugly dolls they have about 5 or more dolls. But american girl doll has more than 20 dolls.

Is family girl better than family guy?

There is no television programme known at this time called "Family Girl". FAMILY GUY IS WAYYYYY BETTER THAN FAMILY GIRL DUHHHH!!! lol

How do you use the word girl's in a sentence?

The girl's grammar is much better than it was.

What is the major difference between training and workshop?

training is more hands on than a workshop

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in my opinion as long as the girls is shorter than the guy the better

Who is Fiona Cullen?

she is a girl. She is better than libby (who is better than catherine). She is da bomb (in a Jamaican accent)

Which is better for a teen girl with rough roads penny or nickel?

Niclel is better than Penny for a teen girl with rough roads.

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Many say boys are better but it depends on what sport it is. For example a boy is probably better at football than a girl bot a girl is probably better at cheer leading than a boy. It also may depend on how well you practice or if most of your family play that sport you may be really good at it boy or girl.

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no boys are actually better because they have more body strength than us are smarter than us

What is something that enters where it's unwelcome and is two words starting with I and A?

I hope there's a better answer than "illegal alien." :(

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