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No, the 120 is what makes in only USSSA ISA NSA approved. You can almost always find the same model bat you are looking for. In this case the new Jeff Hall Worth Mayhem Reload, in the the 98 form. ASA only accepts 98's or lower.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-04 19:57:48
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Q: Is a worth mayhem M75JH 120 softball bat Asa approved?
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Where can one purchase a Worth Mayhem softball glove?

There are a number of online websites where one can purchase a Worth Mayhem softball glove. Some of these websites include HomerunMonkey, JustBallGloves, Ball Glove Warehouse and eBay.

What is the best softball?

I prefer dudely or worth. :)

How much is a softball worth?

It really depends on how much a softball is worth. It depends on what condition it is in and if it has anything special about it. Usually softballs at stores are 2 to 3 dollars.

Where can someone purchase Worth softball bats?

Worth is a popular brand which sells bats, gloves and other softball equipment. Worth bats are available for purchase at many retailers. Online they are available at CheapBats, and the Bats Unlimited websites.

What are some brands of softball bats?

some brands of softball bats are Demarini, Worth, Nike, Synergy, Miken, Rocketech, Halo, Bustos, Eastons

Who is the number one softball manufacturer?

4 biggest manufacturers of softball equipment are: Dudley Sports, Easton Sports, Louisville Slugger, and Worth Sports. David,

Who makes the largest softball glove?

The biggest I have seen is the WORTH Mayhem "BFG" glove. It weighs in at 1.25 feet (15" for those of us who might need a calculator to work that out). Its a Big Freakin Glove and feels much larger than my Rawlings RSGXLDTB 14". It is the only softball glove I have seen listing its size on the actual glove in feet vs inches. Nice touch. Pretty inexpensive too. Good luck, Steve Fleming

Is worth titan Jeff hall 120 maroon one ASA approved?


What is Best softball ball?

i like using worth balls like the red dot i like using worth balls like the red dot

Is softball a sport to get mad over?

No, because its a game that you can play for fun and it's not worth it to get mad over it.

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What is a good fast pitch bat for adults?

The 2010 Worth Toxic is one of the best bats on the market right now.Here's a link to the fastpitch Worth Toxic:

What is core and compression of worth hot dot softball?

The Hot Dot or the Classic Plus has a .52 cor and 275 compression rating.

What is a better fast pitch softball bat brand worth or demarini?

Demarini, but I played travel for nine years and my favorite was Anderson Firetech.

What would a Hillerich Bradsby co bat be worth it has an excellent stamp and reads little league approved compliments of the Washington senators?

About $300 to a collector.

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What are some good choices for a slowpitch softball bat?

A first great recommendation for a slow pitch softball bat would be an older Easton model SCX23. Easton bats are very high quality, but they are expensive and harder to find than other bats. Other high quality bats are the Miken and Worth bats. In particular the Worth Resmondo Titan is a great bat, and its cost is around $225. Another option would be Combat. These bats are expensive; however, they are worth the money. A less costly option would be the Demarini Ultimate Weapon; it costs $60. It is a decent bat, but it is easily bent. Another option would be the Anderson Pyrotech.

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