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The rules used to be different but from what I understand, two wild card teams will play a one game play-off to determine who goes on to the post season. From what I understand it is technically a play-off game.

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Q: Is a wild card game in baseball a playoff game?
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2000 Wild Card Playoff game to seal the Saints first playoff victory?

Brian Milne

What year did wild card teams first play in major league baseball?

The first wild card team to play in a playoff game was the Detroit Lions who played the NFC East Division champion Dallas Cowboys on December 26, 1970. The Cowboys won the game 5-0. To this day (January 4, 2008) that game is the lowest scoring playoff game in NFL history.

How many wild card teams in Major League Baseball?

There are a total of 4 Wild Card teams in Major League Baseball, 2 from the American League and 2 from the National League. The 2 Wild Card teams in each league have to play in a 1-game Playoff in order to determine the Wild Card team that will be advancing to play 1 of the Divisional Champions.

How many wild card in Football playoff?


What is the playoff race in baseball?

The playoff race in Baseball is when the teams from each league play to have the highest game winning to make it to the playoffs and try to get to the world series. One team from each division makes it and the teams that come in fourth in each League get the wild card and also advance.

Who did the Cubs beat in a one game playoff to win the 1998 National League Wild Card?

San Francisco Giants

Music City Miracle's date?

That was January 8, 2000 in the Wild Card Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills.

For MLB what are the rules for breaking ties in standings?

It depends. If the tie is between two teams fighting for one playoff spot, then they play a one-game playoff (in the AL). In the NL, they used to do three-game playoff, but I think that has changed since the advent of the wild card - I believe it is now just one game but I'm not 100% on that. The playoff game counts as a regular-season game. However, if they're tied but both teams would advance to the postseason - say, they were tied for the lead in the NL west, but their record would also earn them the wild card slot - then head-to-head record is used as the tiebreaker to determine who is seeded as a division champ and who is seeded as a wild card.

What was the Miami Dolphins' record in the 2007 season?

The Dolphins 2008 record was 10-7. They lost in a wild card playoff game to the Ravens.

When was the last time Washington Redskins won a playoff game before 2007?

The last time the Washington Redskins won a playoff game was after the 2005 season, during which they went 10-6 and qualified for the playoffs as a wild card team. They won the wild card playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-10. The Redskins went on to lose in the divisional playoffs the next week to the Seattle Seahawks by the score of 20-10.

How many nfl teams have no penalties in a playoff game?

2. The Steelers in 1979 SuperBowl vs Dallas and Carolina in 2003 Wild Card game against Dallas.

How many playoff wins do the Dallas Cowboys have since 1995?

Since the Cowboys' last appearance in a Super Bowl after the 1995 season, they have won three playoff games:Dec. 28, 1996-- Dallas 40, Minnesota Vikings 15 (NFC Wild Card Game at Texas Stadium).Jan. 9, 2010 -- Dallas 34, Philadelphia Eagles 14 (NFC Wild Card Game at Cowboys Stadium).Jan. 4, 2015 -- Dallas 24, Detroit Lions 20 (NFC Wild Card Game at AT&T Stadium).