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Yes. Volleyball.

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Q: Is a whistle used in the Olympics?
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What bones are used to whistle?

If you mean when trying to whistle using your mouth, then the jawbones

What is penny whistle?

a cheap toy whistle also can be used in a folk band as a backup for a flute

Is a whistle used in sprint events?


What type of flute is used in the Titanic soundtrack it is heard in your Heart Will Go On?

Penny whistle or tin whistle

Does a dog whistle hurt the dog?

of course not but if you are going to get a dog whistle it might take time for the dog to get used to it

What muscle used to whistle?

Tongue and throat muscle

How do you write a whistle i chat line?

whistle whistle

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It is unknown the exact number of muscles used to whistle. However, there are two muscles that are used the most, and they are the orbicularis oris and buccinator muscles.

Example of pun?

I bought a wooden whistle and it wooden whistle. I bought a lead whistle and it wooden lead me whistle. I bought a steel whistle and it steel wooden lead me whistle. I bought a tin whistle and now I tin whistle.

What muscles of the head that are used to whistle?

The Orbicularis Oris Buccinator

Does the Bible say that a woman should not whistle?

No. The term 'whistle' is used only 3 times. Other terms are signal or hiss.

Is whistle an adjective?

Whistle can be a verb or a noun, but it is not an adjective.As a verb: He whistles happy tunes all day long.As a noun: Referees always have a whistle handy.The present participle form of whistle--whistling--can be used as an adjective. Example: Did you hear that whistlingsound?

Who invented the slide whistle?

Versions of the slide whistle have been found dated back to the 1840's. The first known slide whistle was manufactured by the Distin family and was used in their own concerts.

What is the future tense of whistle?

The future tense of whistle is will whistle.

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how to whistle

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you a tune

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its whistle

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It was manly used in England for traffic and to catch criminals

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The whistle is to be used to lure the Lochness Monster and get a picture of it.

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People whistle to signal something. Do not whistle while in class.

How do you use whistle as a verb in a sentence?

I whistle when I'm scared.Sometimes, I whistle but only make a blowing sound.I whistle to keep a good mood.

Does an Olympic swim race start with a whistle or gunshot?

whistle In swimming, the race actually begins with a beep from a starting system after the command take your mark.The referee turns control over to the starter with a long whistle. But the whistle does not start the race normally.When the electronic starting system malfunctions, a blank gun or whistle can be used to signal the start of the race.

What is the French word for whistle?

A whistle is "un sifflet" in French, to whistle (verb) is "siffler"

Why did Hitler use the Olympics?

He used the Olympics to spread of Aryan ideology.

When do you use whistles?

A whistle can be used to train a dog. Whistles are used by sports coaches and by teachers to gain peoples attention in noisey environments. A survival whistle can be used to help people locate each other in foggy conditions.