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Q: Is a wet football better to throw than a dry football?
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What is better football or baseball?

Football. Baseball is as interesting as watching paint dry

Is it a better value to buy gravel wet or dry?

Dry gravel is lighter than wet gravel. So dry is better value.

Does a dry inflated AFL football weigh less than 1 kilo?


Why is dry heat less efficient than moist heat?

Conductivity. Moisture conducts the heat better than a dry system.

Is regatta better than super-dry?


Why is a blanket a better conductor of heat when it's wet rather than it being dry?

the blanket has water and water is a very good conductor so a wet blanket is a better conductor than a dry blanket

Are wet nappies better than dry nappies?


How do you dry a tapestry throw?

easy you would get tape and throw it

Why is it better to have tortillas than bread for a meal in space?

Because tortillas are dry they are better and because they are salted which preserves them.

If you drop a football into a body of water will it affect the football?

Yes, depending on how long the ball is in the water. It will slowly damage the leather and mess up the seams. It's a better idea to keep it in a dry place. :)

Will a wet/dry shaver work better than the traditional dry shaver?

A dry shaver will work best but wet/dry ones will work well, too. It depends on your shaving style.

What grows mold faster dry bread or moist bread?

Moist bread grows mold faster.much better than dry

Will a wet tennis ball bounce better than a dry tennis ball?


Will more current flow when the skin is wet or dry?

Any electrical current will flow better on something wet as opposed to something dry. This means that the water on wet skin will conduct the electricity better than it would be conducted on dry skin

Why does dry wood burn better than wet wood?

A flame can only ignite dry materials. Wet materials, if the spark catches, brings more smoke than flame.

Why is a rag a better conductor of heat when wet than when dry?

A dry rag has quite a bit of air trapped in its structure, and air is an insulator of heat. Replace the air with water, which conducts heat much better than air does, and the heat conductivity will be greatly increased.

How do you dry your Webkinz?

You can throw it in the dryer on delicates until they are a little damp then air dry from there

What is better lambskin or cow leather?

Cow leather will last longer than lambskin. Lambskin is better than cow leather for keeping a person dry. They both have positives and negatives.

Which is better: wet computer cleaning wipes and dry computer cleaning shammys?

dry is better unless you have something on the computer other than dust, which means you were eating or drinking around it and you shouldn't, anything wet is bad.

Why is dry skin brushing better than wet skin brushing or scrubbing?

Dry skin brushing takes the flakes off where wet skin brushing causes the loose skin to stick to the other skin. Both kinds of skin brushing are better than no skin brushing.

Why is it better to put washing out to dry rather than having it in a pile?

If you leave it in a pile, it will get wrinkled, stay wet, get musty and take a long time to dry.

What is better for your hair a comb or a hair brush and why?

When your hair is wet a comb is better. When your hair is dry you can use a comb or a brush but a vent brush is better than the typical brush.

How do you put out an magnesium fire?

you throw dry sand on it

Difference between dry heat sterilization and moist heat sterilization?

Mosit heat sterilization is better than dry heat serilization specailly for liquid mideas.

Is is good to have long hair if you have dry hair?

No, not really. I personally think it's better to have beautiful, healthy, short hair than dry, damaged, long hair