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Q: Is a voltage fireball skateboard a pro board?
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What is a pro deck skateboard?

A pro deck is a skateboard that has been designed by a pro skater. If the skater is getting good publicity for his company then they might ask whether he wants a pro board. A pro board normally comes by itself, without griptape, trucks, wheels, bearings or hardware.

How do you increase your speed on a skate board?

you need to really know how 2 use a skateboard in order to be a pro ima pro how bout u ya buddy

What do pro skaters do?


How much weight can a skateboard hold?

well, it sort of depends how thick the wood on the board is, or if the board is good enough{pro board,not ones u buy at like wal mart}

How much do skateboards cost?

If you buy a pro board like in zumiez or any other skateshops boards would cost between $100 or $140 it depends what you whant on your skateboard and what brand of skateboard

What is the worlds largest skateboard?

Rob Dyrdek, Pro-Skater and star of MTV's Fantasy Factory, is the world record holder for the largest most realistic skateboard. Rob's board is 38 feet-6 inches long and 5 feet-6 inches tall. Check out Rob and the Mayor of Los Angeles riding the World's Largest Skateboard, and Rob riding it with friends in Venice Beach, California. Also he rode that skateboard in the skate park he built and designed. The skateboard is an exact replica of his pro board only bigger. And Rob said "there will be no mandals on this skateboard".

Where can you get a pro skateboard?

zumiez broski

Is birdhouse a pro skateboard company?


How do pro skaters use math?

In geometry. You have to hit the board in certain areas with a amount of power and then what you do with your foot to make the skateboard do a certain trick.

What is the best pro skateboard to buy?

The best skateboard is the Element board. I don't know how someone thought it was World Industries and/or Darkstar. They suck!!!! Element is awesome! World Industries and Darkstar were actually tied... FOR WORST SKATEBOARD BRANDS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But never but the full board, get the deck, wheels, trucks, bearings and griptape. Then go to a skateshop and ask the manager to put the board together for you.

Is jolt skateboard a pro brand?


How do you get off the skateboard in tony hawk's pro skater 4 for ps2?

To get off of the board you have to hold down on the directional pad, or down on the analog stick.

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