Is a tennis or squash ball bigger?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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The diameter of a tennis ball is 2.63 inches, or 6.7 centimers.

A squash ball's diameter is between 39.5 and 40.5 millimeters.

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Q: Is a tennis or squash ball bigger?
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In which sports do player use a racket?

tennis and badminton

What is a game like badminton?

Tennis, Squash or racquet ball.

What can you serve but not eat?

A tennis ball perhaps, or a volleyball, or a racket ball, squash ball, or handball.

What is the name of a sports event for two?

Tennis, raquet ball, and squash,

What is the biggest racket?

a tennis racket is bigger than a squash and badminton racket.

What racket game which does not use a ball?

Squash. Others include tennis and racquetball, but the ball is not as small as in squash and is not black. Tabletennis uses a very small bat and ball also. (Also Handball uses a similar ball and similar court to squash, but is hit with a gloved hand)

Why is the sport squash called squash?

The little ball on your squash racket is used to absorb the shock when you hit the ball. Once you get your strings changed, though, you no longer need the ball because the strings that you get put on your racket are generally better than the ones that your racket came with. If you take off the little ball with the original strings, you will probably be able to feel a little difference when you hit the ball (it might vibrate a little).

What is like a squash ball but smaller?

They are balls that are used to play squash.

What makes a racketball and tennis ball different from each other?

tennis balls are furry and raquet balls are not . tennis balls are also bigger.

What are games that include a ball called?

speedball, baseball, SPUD, basketball, tennis, soccer,

What is playing squash mean?

Squash is a similar game to tennis.

What is smaller than a softball?

Ping Pong Ball / Table Tennis Golf Ball Cricket Field Hockey Lacrosse Billiards / Pool Squash Are all smaller in diameter than a baseball