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Q: Is a roller derby skateboard no 70 a collectors item?
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What is the value of roller derby skateboard collectibles?

The answer to this question is not singular. Because Roller Derby was the most prevalent roller skate maker, and then carried that success over into skateboarding during the mid-to-late 1960s, there are a lot of Roller Derby boards out there. The factors that will make a Roller Derby board worth something have to do with condition, and rarities in the item itself, such as black wheels vs "clay red" wheels, whether it is a longer board -- anything longer than 28" is more rare. Like most things that are collected, finding the right buyer for the right board might get you upwards of $500 for certain Roller Derby boards, most are going to go in the $10 to $50 range. Hope this helps. Mark

What is an interesting collectors item?

A good collectors item would be any jewerly or any antiques.

Are donuts a collectors item on the game Mafia Wars?

No doughnuts aren't a collectors item on Mafia Wars but cigars and sculptures are.

Is Avon a collectors item?

Yeah, Avon is collectors item. As avon products are not seen as toiletries but as potentially valuauble collectives.

Is a buck hunting knife considered a collectors item?

A buck hunting knife is not considered a collectors item. This is because it is used for hunting, and it is not an older item. It is newer, and it is going to be used a lot by most people.

Is a vintage gumball machine a collectible item?

Anything that is vintage or retro could potentially be a collectors item. its hard to determine an items value if there isn't a market for it, but if you find the right people looking for the item you want sell it can potentially be a collectors item to them.

What is another word for a collectors item?


Where can you get a skateboard in Poptropica?

The skateboard, like the various sports balls, is a decorative item on some of the costumes for Poptropica. Apparently you cannot skate on it, only carry it.

What is the value of a red ryder bbgun rack?

It's what the market will bear. This item is not a direct collectors item.

Is the xbox orinagal a collecters item?

I have 13 original games but depending on who you are, it would (or wouldn't) be a collectors item.

Is it worth keeping Disney VHS tapes as a collectors item?


Is a Game Boy Advance a collectors item?

no its not, its just there to make you have fun!!!!

I have a old woodbine cigarette packet dated 1885 is this a collectors item?

Smoke them.

Is a 1943 German Mauser semi automatic pistol a collectors item?


Can you spend silver dollars?

Yes but why would you want to. They are quite the collectors item

How much is a Foreigner drumstick aprox worth?

This is always difficult to answer. The worth of an item to collectors is determined by a number of factors: how rare the item is (were there many of them around, or just a few?); whether the item is unique (in this case, which drummer used it, and when... and can you prove that?); what condition is the item in; and whether the item is considered desirable (are there collectors eager to add to their Foreigner memorabilia?). The best thing to do is go on a site like eBay and see how much such memorabilia is selling for.

Where to buy DTV shredder?

I would like to purchase shredder skateboard anybody know where I can purchase item

Is the Chevrolet vega an collectors item?

Yes, the Chevrolet Vega is a collector's item. One can learn more about this collector's item at the popular on the web source known as Auto Trader Classics.

How do you get skates in Pokemon alpha sapphire?

There is no roller skate item in Alpha Sapphire.

Why do you need the slowpoke tail in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It is just a collectors item ZERO effect.

Why isn't a proof coin a grade?

It's a collectors item the us mint produces

How rare is the Morgan silver dollar?

The Morgan silver dollar is a collectors item and can be about $39

What is 10.00 banquedefrance worth Canadian?

As a collectors item it may be worth a few cents.

Ridgway Corey hill chinoise 1900 plate collectors item what is it worth?

75$ + depending. Mel.

What is the value of a 1975 penny with a masonic symbol engraved next to Lincoln's nose?

This is a novelty item engraved after the coin left the Mint. While it may have some value among a few collectors, standard coin collectors consider this a defaced item and do not believe it merits any significant resale value. Masonic Pennies, like this, generally sell for a few dollars apiece to collectors.