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Q: Is a player allowed to touch a referee during a professional basketball game?
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Is a referee allowed to help NFL players up during game?


Is it allowed to replace goal keeper during free kick?

Substitution is allowed during any stoppage of play with the permission of the referee.

In basketball is drinking allowed during the game?


How many players are allowed on the basketball court during the game?

23 are allowed

During a basketball game how many people on a court?

11. 5 players from each team and the referee

What were the salaries of professional basketball players during The Great Depression?

2.00 dollars

How many timeouts are you allowed during a high school basketball game?

Three full timeouts and two 30-second timeouts are allowed in high-school basketball.

How much time is allowed to player to kick off ball during football game?

30 seconds from the time the referee blows the whistle.

Can a basketball referee move a team bench if it is not the same distance from the scorer's table as the other bench?

Possibly. Referee can do lots of things during a game that may not be right but that does not mean they cannot do it. My guess and it is only a hypothetical question, is that they could if they so desired.

How many players are on a basketball court during a game?

5 players per team are allowed on the court

Where is the manager allowed on a football pitch?

The manager is only allowed on the bench(and in the bench area) and in the technical area during play or invited onto the pitch by the referee in exceptional circumstances (like if there is a fight or somthin)

What is the sport played in March?

College basketball's March Madness is generally the highlight of the month. Professional basketball and hockey are also played during March, as is baseball's Spring Training.