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Q: Is a mirraco mainline a good bike for a pro?
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Are mirraco bikes better than a haro bikes and are they just good bikes?

Mirraco bikes are really good beginner pro bikes Haro bikes brake kinda allot id go with Mirraco all the way.

Is the Haro Pro XL Plus a good BMX racing bike?

Yes, the Haro Pro XL is a very good BMX racing bike. It's not top of the line, but it's far from entry level.

Is kink a good bike company?

kink is good if you are a B.m.x rider but they are pro so if you go to Bm.x. parks they are pretty good but not for mountain bike riding.

What are the top ten pro bmx bike brands?

mongoose, eastern, we the people, gt, mirraco, dk,fit,kink,haro redline,freeagent No this kid is wrong Mongoose and eastern are no good dk has been not making as many models and freeagent is a brand most people forget its really olfredline make horrible completes and gts are heavy A'f

How do pro mountain bike racers get a penelty?

If a pro bike racer gets to close to another pro bike racer he gets a penalty.

Is the sapient capa pro x a good bmx bike?

Yes! there awesome.

Do pro bmx bikes have brakes?

Depends on what its for. A pro race bike will have a rear brake, but not a pro vert bike.

Are hyper bike co bikes good?

Mike spinner(pro) founded the company. They are a good bike for beginners, but they're not made to last. It's great for the price though.

Are suzuki motorbikes or good?

suzuki motorbikes are awesome! they are very light in your hands and if u r young i insist u buy the 09 or 08 jr 80. but they can be expensive but a good starter bike or a pro bike

What is a good but cheap BMX?

My favirote bmx bike that is cheap is the bmx mike spinner pro model from walmart.

What is education needed for being a pro dirt bike mechanic?

i think it because if you fale you would still have education and it is good for you.

How much does it cost to build a pro freestyle dirt bike?

it will cost about 5,000 to 10,000 to build a successful dirt bike if you want to go pro

What is the worst brand dirt bike?

Baja is my pick personally. Because of its not so good looks and not many pro's ride Baja.

Are diamondback bikes pro?

Don't know what you mean by a bike being "pro".

Who is best bike between TVs sport and hero splendor pro?

tvs sport is best bike

How much does the 2010 Sunday pro bmx bike from Sunday bike co weigh?

about 25.47 pounds

What is the lightest bmx bike in the world?

the lightest bmx bike is from KHE in Germany they make a bike that weighs lighter than the eastern grim reaper. The bike from khe weighs in at about 19.6lbs. The bike is the Maceto Pro 2012 you can see the bike at

What is a good lightweight bmx bike?

first off a good bmx bike for a noob is a next choas around 100 dollors not pro tho.A meduim bike is dk any bike from there bike supply for around 250 to 300.A pro bike is gt slammer that's what i have.Very light when you take off brakes and pegs but mostly pegs brake are like one pound.Around 400-500 dolloars. the choas is 40 pounds but is light for a cheap bike. dk is around 30 pounds and gt slammer is around 23 to 25 pounds with all things on it. i would say more band for your buckwe The People make strongt, light bikes aswell as kink and eastern. buy a wethepeople ABD pushy they might be a bit heavy but there good trust me ive got 1 ;)bmx special

How do you find how old your dirt bike engine is?

take it to a pro

Do you get paid for a Pro dirt Bike racers?

re-phase that

What bmx pro use a magna invader?

I don't think a pro would use a £80 Bmx bike lol

How much does a Pro motocross bike cost?

7 billion euros

What did lance Armstrong do before becoming a pro bike rider?

he did triantholons

Divisions in cycling?

Do mean categories, such as in 1,2,3, Pro for road cycling or Elite, Semi-Pro, Expert for mountain bike racing...????

What bike is the best of all time?

an ultra pro razor bike yes i know ur thinking they only make scooters but they dont